How Marvel Studios’ Agatha Harkness is Different From Comics


We kinda had an idea that Agnes was Agatha Harkness, but it hit Wanda like a tsunami when she found out nothing was in her control.

The difference!

Now many fans omitted the fact that Wanda actually was actually a mentee of Agatha Harkness.

While mentioning that Agnes might be Agatha and she might be the villain, many forgot the fact that Agatha Harkness in the comics helped Wanda a lot and that she was the mentor of Scarlet Witch.

Mentor or Nemesis?



Now, as far as we know, nothing is happening in the WandaVision show that points to Agnes being Wanda’s mentor.

She does listen to everything she says, and that’s mostly because Agatha had her under the spell. So, how different has MCU planned on introducing Agatha?

Now, many fans still think that Agatha is just messing around with Wanda to keep Mephisto off Wanda, but that doesn’t make sense as of now.

New Mentor?

Also, about the Mentor thing, Doctor Strange will be the one dealing with Wanda as far as we know.


After the cameo Doctor Strange has in the show, Wanda will also be a significant part of the Doctor Strange 2 movie.


Now that shows that the story of Wanda and her grief will continue. Only one thing is common in all of this, and that is Doctor Strange.

So, there are chances that Doctor Strange will become Scarlet Witch’s mentor in the MCU.


After all, he is the Sorcerer Supreme.

Secrets to Unravel!

Now, with the 8th episode releasing tomorrow, we know that we will be getting a clearer picture of Agatha Harkness and her evil plans so, maybe we will get to know why Agatha Harkness is on Earth.

And if she is really the villain, then there are chances that she is working for someone, right? So, who is that? Is it the most probable, Mephisto or something even more significant is going on.

We did see Wanda’s powers take a massive boost ever since Infinity War, so whatever it is, there is nothing both she and Vision cannot solve.


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