What To Expect Next From Sylvie in the MCU? How Sylvie Could Return to the MCU?

At the end of Loki Season 2, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) tells Sylvie and Mobius (Owen Wilson), “I know what I want. I know what kind of god I need to be. For you. For all of us.”

This led to Loki making the ultimate sacrifice of holding the Multiverse together and abandoning his friends. Given some free will, Sylvie told Mobius she had no idea where she would go, opening up her next chapter in the MCU to anything.

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What To Expect Next From Sylvie in the MCU?

Sophia DiMartino talked to 1883 Magazine about the future of Sylvie in the MCU, specifically noting that whatever she does she will do “with fight:”

“I would love to see Sylvie do anything, I think whatever she does, she’s going to do it with fight and she would probably surprise everyone by doing something that you don’t expect. I’m very fond of that character…”

The outlet also asked DiMartino about the effect starring in two seasons of Loki has had on her. She mentioned how it’s been “really nice to be in a show and part of a franchise” as great as the MCU:

“Yeah, it’s been wonderful and it’s really nice to be in a show and part of a franchise if you like that has a fanbase already because there’s lots of people who have said nice things and I’ve got loads of followers on social media but that also doesn’t really matter to me all that much.”

The actress explained that rather than the popularity garnered, she believes “what matters is that people enjoy the show and connect with the character:”

“What matters is that people enjoy the show and connect with the character and it’s great to be working with people like Tom [Hiddleston], Kate [Herron], Gugu [Mbatha-Raw], Wunmi [Mosaku], and Owen [Wilson]. I mean, what a great opportunity. It’s just been really fun and still sort of seems like a fever dream.”

Will the “fever dream” continue? The possibilities within the Multiverse are endless.

How Sylvie Could Return to the MCU?

The finale of Loki Season 2 was epic and seemingly concluded the series’ main plot, leaving Loki on a throne burdened with glorious purpose.

DiMartino recently shared that Sylvie “has a lot of respect for Loki,” and “is super grateful” for Hiddleston’s character making the choice he did.

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With Loki uncertain to return for Season 3, another possible landing spot for Sylvie to return in the MCU is a potential Thor 5. This may be seen as a stretch, but Sylvie is a Variant of Loki, and this is the Multiverse Saga.

One of the upcoming multiversal projects is Avengers 5, possibly no longer called The Kang Dynasty after Jonathan Majors’ firing from Marvel. Sylvie, with her TemPad, could return in the crossover event, especially given her history with He Who Remains.

If she were to return, the only certain thing is that Sylvie will do so “with fight” against whoever stands in the way.

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