Where Will Thor Go After Love and Thunder?

What Changes Have Been Made To The Disney+ Version Of Thor: Love and Thunder?

Will Chris Hemsworth’s Thor die or retire to be succeeded by Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor? Could the God of Thunder finally be reunited with Mjolnir? Is Christian Bale’s Gorr going to live to fight another day? There are so many directions Waititi could take with the ending of Thor: Love and Thunder, especially with the future of the Asgardian up in the air.

Thor: Love and Thunder brings to an end Chris Hemsworth’s contractual commitments as the God of Thunder. However, Hemsworth already shared his excitement for his future as Thor, while Waititi has generally proven open to directing the fifth film in the franchise.

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Marvel Studios doesn’t appear to be pursuing the angle of Portman’s Mighty Thor replacing Hemsworth’s Thor, but instead, looks to be more eager to see the two co-exist. Who knows whether that will involve the duo rekindling a romantic connection or where exactly that story could continue next.


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There was a time in the comics in which the God of Thunder became unworthy of Mjolnir and began to go by the name of Odinson. Even if it doesn’t involve becoming unworthy of his original weapon, perhaps Thor’s journey of self-discovery will lead him to give up his legendary name, moving forward in the MCU as Odinson.

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Looking past Phase 4 and into Phase 5, who knows where Thor and the Mighty Thor will go next? Thor 5 still appears to be on the table, or maybe Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor and Tessa Thompson’s Valkyre will go to Disney+ in their own original series. The possibilities are endless.


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