Which Team Would Ms. Marvel Be On In Civil War?


Is there anyone having a better year than Iman Vellani? The “Ms. Marvel” star has not only managed to play the comic book character of her dreams in the Disney+ series, but the show itself has received widespread critical acclaim in no small part thanks to her performance. Furthermore, Vellani has both enshrined herself within the MCU and opened up her Hollywood door to countless possibilities for future projects, like a possible “Young Avengers” team-up.

But what if Kamala Khan got the chance to go back and appear in some of the studio’s biggest movies from the past? What sort of role would the powerful teen play in the Infinity Saga?

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On Reddit, during a recent Ask Me Anything discussion thread involving Vellani, that’s exactly what one fan pondered, specifically as it relates to the big Avengers schism that was 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War.” It’s a topic that has been brought up time and time again, especially for heroes who didn’t get to appear in the landmark film. “Would Kamala have been in Tony’s side or Cap’s during Civil War?” asked u/FeelingFirst, prompting Vellani to reveal her choice.


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Ms. Marvel would have been Team Iron Man

According to Iman Vellani, Kamala Khan would have sided with Tony Stark, aka Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), had she appeared in “Captain America: Civil War.” Replying to the Reddit AMA, Vellani noted how die-hard fans of the Ms. Marvel character likely already knew her answer. “Tony!” wrote Vellani. “To be fair he is kinda like her superhero dad in the comics.”

Vellani has previously said that Khan is a character who can strangely relate with Stark in many ways. The two heroes bonded in the comics and Stark served as one of Khan’s biggest mentors after she joined the Avengers (via CBR). “Obviously, Tony Stark, a middle-aged white dude and me, a 16 year-old brown kid — they’re not the same thing,” explained Vellani in a June 2022 interview with Elite Daily. “But I related to a lot of his inner conflict of what does it mean to do the right thing and be a good person?”

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A known Marvel superfan, Vellani has revealed her favorite MCU movie to be the first “Iron Man.” In fact, “Ms.  Marvel” director Meera Menon said in June 2022 that parts of Vellani’s portrayal of Khan were based on what Robert Downey Jr. did playing Stark. “Just the looseness with which Robert Downey Jr. approached that performance and how lived in it felt,” Menon told Beyond The Trailer in a video interview. “That’s so much what made that first movie so special and I just feel like she inhabited Kamala in such a similar way …”

Knowing all this, it should come as no surprise that Khan would have Stark’s back in “Civil War.”

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