Who Is Jimmy Rich? Everything You Need To Know About The Person Robert Downey Jr Is Mourning

Who Is Jimmy Rich?

It is a dark day for the Downeys as Robert Downey Jr shared the heartbreaking news of his right-hand man and close friend, Jimmy Rich.

What Happened to Robert Downey Jr?

All of a sudden, fans are showing their love for Robert Downey Jr, and some fans are confused as to what happened.

The reason is heartbreaking. RDJ might need every love and prayer from fans to recover from this incident.

Robert Downey Jr took to Instagram this Thursday to share about the death of his long-time assistant and friend, Jimmy Rich.


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Who is Jimmy Rich?

If you are a hardcore fan of Robert Downey Jr, then you already know that he is the one who is tagged in every picture of RDJ.

No matter what RDJ is talking about, there is always credits to Jimmy Rich in it, and he gets tagged in everything RDJ posts.

As to why he is so special is something that goes way back for RDJ. Jimmy Rich is the personal assistant of RDJ who has been with him for over 18 years.

Jimmy Rich joined as the assistant of RDJ in the year 2003. This year is significant for RDJ because that’s when he started his sober journey.

Jimmy Rich played a big part in RDJ’s sober journey while he kept track of his sober voyage, which began five years before that in 1998.

Not only did this sober journey help him stay healthy, but it also ended up giving him everything he ever wanted.

What happened to Jimmy Rich?

According to RDJ’s post, Jimmy Rich died in a car accident. RDJ shared the news with his fans while sending a tribute to his longest assistant, friend, and right-hand man.

Every member of the Avenger’s cast was aware of Jimmy Rich, too, and the first one to comment on his death was Chris Evans.


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Other Avengers’ cast members have shared their shock and love to his family in the comment section of RDJ’s tribute post.

Evans shared a sweet tribute to Jimmy Rich, in the end asking fans to send all the love to Robert Downey Jr during these dark times.

Robert Downey Jr will take some time to recover from this, and we send him all the love and prayers. Our deepest condolences to Jimmy Rich’s family.






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