When Is The FRIENDS Reunion Episode Releasing?

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Ever since fans saw the six walk out of Monica Geller’s apartment one last time, fans have been asking if the cast will return.

FRIENDS Reunion and Its details

According to reports, the show is done filming, and we will have a very good time watching it again.

Courtney Cox, who played Monica Geller on the show, said that it was very emotional to be back on FRIENDS set while she spoke to Ellen on her show.

When is the Friends Reunion releasing?

Well, fans have been waiting eagerly to hear that news, and we know HBO Max will announce it soon.

The filming of the reunion episode is over, and we may even get a special surprise in that. Wonder what? We will reveal it a little later.

As of now, the filming is over, and the post-production works are going on. We will soon get to see the episode because we don’t think there will be more work left there.


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What will be the FRIENDS Reunion episode be about?

We might have a piece of sad news here if you thought you would be getting an original episode after these long years of a wait. Sorry to disappoint you.

The reunion is mostly about the cast and what they were up to, a lot of bts videos, and memories the six had on the set of the show.

We will be given some in-depth info on what all happened on set but won’t be seeing them as Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, and Joey.

That might come as a shock for fans. But there is no way they are making an original one now. No matter how good they make, it is hard to satisfy the fans. Making a bad episode after so many years might just break the bubble for the previous ones.

We would love to see them again as their characters, but we don’t think any episode will do justice to those characters.

What’s the surprise from FRIENDS Reunion?

Remember those iconic scenes of the cast playing in the fountain during the opening credits? Well, that might get a revamped version.

Courtney Cox shared about how definitely it wasn’t fun being in a fountain for 8 hours, and that gave us some joy knowing that we will get a new version of that.

Well, obviously, they didn’t like being in the fountain for 8 hours, they are not in their 20s now, but damn, don’t they look good?!



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