How Similar Are Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss? Here’s how!

Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss Crossover

Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss are anime shows of different generations, the former being aired in the 1990s and early 2000s and the latter from 2012. However, many weebs have been able to spot some damning similarities between the two. 


Even though these similarities may seem purely coincidental, it’s still an interesting analysis of two immensely popular anime. It’s amusing that though Inuyasha is a Shonen Anime with some romantic elements and Kamisama Kiss is Shojo, their similarities are still numerous.


These two anime shows are replete with similar tropes, characters, and plots. That isn’t to say that the two are the exact same or don’t have differences. It’s just that both Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss are alike enough to warrant a commentary like we’d be doing in this article.

Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss Crossover
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In this article, we’ll be highlighting the multiple similarities between Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss in the plot, tropes, romance, and characters. We’ll be elaborating on the purely coincidental Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss crossover.

Both Inuyasha and Tomoe Had First Loves

Both Inuyasha and Tomoe were in love with some women prior to meeting their present love interests. These first women had strong impacts on both the male protagonists who are still trying to come to terms with their tragic past. 


Kamisama Kiss’s Tomoe had been in love with Yukiji, also a human like Nanami. This woman left such a deep impact on Tomoe, due to which he doesn’t fall in love easily with Nanami. This complicated situation is in place due to him being under the influence of a love spell.

Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss Crossover
Inuyasha’s final kiss with Kikyo

Similarly, Inuyasha had to come to terms with still being in love with Kikyo while being in a relationship with Kagome. As is obvious, this hurt Kagome’s feelings a lot but she does come around to understanding his emotions. Inuyasha’s love for Kikyo was so intense and passionate that he was prepared to use the Shikon Jewel to become a human.

Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss Crossover
Tomoe and Yukiji

In both Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss, the two female protagonists have to learn to accept the looming presence of a prior female love interest in their relationships.


Time-traveling Protagonists

Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss Crossover
The Bone-Eater’s well, a time-traveling medium

The premise of Inuyasha is essentially based on time travel, back to the past. It follows Kagome as she is forced to travel back to medieval Japan after a centipede demon uses the family well to capture her. Later, she uses that well to traverse between two worlds, which is used to heighten comedy and romantic effect.

Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss Crossover
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Unlike Inuyasha, the entire premise of Kamisama Kiss’s plot isn’t based on time travel but it does have a time-traveling arc, which is crucial to the romance. While traveling back in time to rescue Tomoe, she makes the damning realization that Tomoe fell in love with Nanami. But it was under the impression that he was in love with Yukiji. 

Both the Male Leads are Demons!

Inuyasha’s existence and relationships with his brother are strained by the fact that he’s a half-demon. He wished to become a human to be with Kikyo forever, a dream which never saw fruition. Whenever he’s engaged in an intense battle, he does become a full demon with raging red eyes.

Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss Crossover
Inuyasha’s full demon form

Similarly, Tomoe was a fox demon who was well-known for his malice and notoriety. However, after he met a human whom he fell deeply in love with, his reign of terror stops abruptly. Towards the end, he ends up becoming a human to live happily ever after with Nanami.

This Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss crossover is highly interesting and a comparison yields a greater understanding of romantic formulae in anime.

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