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Who Is Nenneke In The Witcher Season 2?


Fans of the book have been waiting so long to know when Nenneke will be introduced in the series, and it looks like she will be making her debut in the second season.

The Temple of Melitele was mentioned in the third episode of the first season, and there are new reports that they will finally introduce the Temple and the famous priestess in the second season which was later confirmed by Netflix.

Bridgerton fame Adjoa Andoh will be playing the priestess’ role. While it is not yet official, there might be other news about Lola and Jarre making their debut soon.

We know it is a given that Lola is also introduced because we know she plays a vital role in the Temple.

So, who is Nenneke?

Nenneke becomes a parental figure for Geralt while she defends an injured Geralt from being thrown out of the Temple by the rules decreed by the Duke.

Nenneke is a powerful priestess of the Temple of Melitele. She kinda humbly ignores the Dandelion‘s existence and has an open mind towards accepting others inside the Temple.

She has even let Ciri and the Elves inside the Temple, which others wouldn’t have. Well, she has come across Yennefer too.


How did Geralt meet her?

In the book, Geralt is hurt by a Striga once and takes refuge in the Temple to heal. He is treated by Nenneke and is left there by her to recover.

But a Knight and a Count meet Nenneke and ask her to send the Witcher away as an order from the Duke. She refuses it even after a heated argument, but the Knight and the Count were relentless.

Finally, Nenneke threatened them both with a jar of magic and got rid of them. Even though she asks Geralt to stay longer her leaves after he gets a little better.

Parental figure

It is said that she knew Geralt from a younger age and kinda accepts him as her son.

It is also said that while the Striga heavily injured Geralt, he was in a trance, and that made him see Nenneke as his mother, and that ended up giving him the feeling like he is near his mother.

Although Lola could put anyone in a trance, it was not her who did that to Geralt. But Lola does sleep with Geralt, as told by Nenneke, to relieve his stress.

This is where Geralt hears that his healing process has slowed down and that something is wrong and that his reflexes were slipping.





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