Who Is The Watcher In What If…? All We Know About The Character

Who is The watcher in What If...?

We’re just a few days away from Marvel’s animated show debuting on Disney+. While we patiently wait for its first episode, we now know a few things about some new characters, one being The Watcher. So who is The Watcher in What If…?

The animated series has many twists and treats for Marvel fans. And they’ve been given a special brand new character entering the MCU as we’ve mentioned before.

Who Is The Watcher In What If…?

The character of The Watcher is quite intriguing as we know the character to be one who sees everything and knows everything in all time and space. The Watcher will be voiced by actor Jeffrey Wright in the animated series.

In a featurette shared by Marvel, Wright shows that The Watcher will function as a sort of narrator of the series. In the clip, Wright is heard saying lines that give us another hint about multiple realities too.

What If...? Is Bringing The Weirdness To Disney+

“Reality is not a straight line. Every passing moment is a chance for a new offshoot. A new variation. In fact, there are more realities than you can possibly fathom.”

Wright explained that The Watcher is the person who sees everything, the totality of all the multiverse across all time and space.

What If…? Episodes

According to the head writer of the show, we know that each episode of What If…? Will be about half an hour long each. We also know that there will be a total of nine episodes for the first season.

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Although the show was initially targeted to have ten episodes in one season, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the plans. We also know that the writers have been given immense creative freedom when it comes to the show.


Each episode of What If…? has its own pace and story rhythm. “We wanted to tell as many stories as we could and we had a certain budget we had to work with so it felt like that 10-episode — now 9-episode run — was the right quantity,” the creators said.

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