Why Are Marvel Stars Turning Down Offers For What If…?


There are a number of Marvel stars on What If…? who are voicing their respective superhero roles. However, getting them together was no joke for the directors and the creators. There were a number of stars who could not be convinced in the process too.

The creator of the animated series, Bryan Andrews, stated that it was “like herding cats,” when he talked about trying to get the Marvel actors on the show. In order to reprise their big-screen roles for the animated anthology series, it seems like they absolutely tried everything.

Voice Of Marvel Stars On What If…?

In a new interview with Uproxx, the co-creator recalled what it was like to be turned down by some of the MCU stars. Andrews mentioned that the actors are all “extremely talented” but also very busy. This really disrupted schedules and was the trickiest part of getting them on board. Therefore, many of them could also not be on the team.


“All of these people are extremely talented and they’ve got a lot of stuff going on,” Andrews said. “We figured we probably wouldn’t be able to get everybody – but we got a lot, and that was great,” he added.

Andrews also said that it would be awesome to have everybody voicing their respective characters. However, he’s also happy with the team he has now.

Who is The watcher in What If...?

“So yeah, it’d be awesome to have everybody, but you’ve got to deal with what you’ve got to deal with. And if someone’s too busy and they can’t make it, it’s a bummer,” he said.

Which Voices Will We Hear?

Among the Marvel stars, we have a list of whose voices we’re going to hear. Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Samuel L Jackson, Hayley Atwell, Clark Gregg, Chris Hemsworth, Don Cheadle, and the late Chadwick Boseman will be heard voicing their own roles.

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What If…?’s first episode will be released on August 11. The show will be exclusively released on the Disney+ streaming platform on a weekly basis.

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