Why Did Philip Want To Kill Hannah And Vee In ‘Lou’?


The newly released film ‘Lou’ on Netflix is a thriller, where a girl gets kidnapped by her own father. But why does he kidnap her and try to kill her?

When the movie starts, Hannah tells her friend Chris that it’s been three months since her ex-husband Philip died.

Hannah was abused by Philip, she decided to leave him, and start a new life on an island. Philip was a dangerous man, he was in the US Army special forces. He was convicted of the murder of numerous civilians. Hannah reveals that when the officials tried to arrest him, he blew up his apartment and she was sent a death certificate. 


But he somehow survived the blow-up and came back to take revenge. Hannah said to Lou that he had told her if she tried to take away Vee from him he would kill them both.

Later he does kidnap Vee, he doesn’t hurt her but he does plan on killing her and Hannah. But not only does he plan to kill them he also plans to kill Lou. We later find out that Lou was Philips’s mother, and she was also in the CIA. Lou had to abandon Philip because of an undercover mission she was a part of.

Philip actually wanted to kill Lou because of what she did to her, but since he got left by Hannah, he wanted to kill her as well. 


‘ Lou’ is about A mysterious loner living a quiet life with her dog battling the elements and her own dark past when a neighbor’s little girl is kidnapped during a storm. You can now watch it on Netflix.

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