Does Lou Survive In ‘Lou’?


Lou is a Netflix movie based on a woman named Lou. Will she survive this action thriller?

Lou is an old woman, we can see that her character is very strong from the beginning. At the start of the movie we see her taking cash out of her account and writing a letter to someone. In the letter, she seems to be leaving the money to someone. After writing the letter she points a gun at herself and tries to kill herself. But before she can do that Hannah barges in to tell her that her daughter Vee has been kidnapped by her father. 

Lou helps Hannah save Vee from Philip. On their journey, Lou falls off a broken bridge and almost dies. Later Philip stabs her in the chest, but she survives that too.


Later Hannah finds out that she is Philip’s mother and he is actually trying to kill her. She also finds out that she was a part of the CIA and they are looking for her and Philip. 

When Lou goes to the lighthouse to save Hannah and Vee, she realizes that there’s a bomb planted there. She gets herself, Hannah, and Vee, out of the lighthouse. Philip follows them and she gets into a physical fight with him. Both of them finally give up and Philip hugs his mother when she whispers “I’m sorry, kid” and then the US Marshalls shoot them.

Everybody might think that she dies there, but she uses Philip as a shield and might not have actually died. The movie ends with a view of her hand, and her on the same boat as Hannah and Vee. So she might not be dead after all.


If you’re wondering why Philip wanted to kill Hannah and Vee? Here’s why.

‘ Lou’ is about A mysterious loner living a quiet life with her dog battling the elements and her own dark past when a neighbor’s little girl is kidnapped during a storm. You can now watch it on Netflix.

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