Will “God Loki” Return to the MCU?

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki received a new name and purpose after the Loki Season 2 finale on Disney+ ended with an emotional sequence.

Loki’s Season 2 finale showcased how Loki managed to make the ultimate sacrifice by using his own body and power to hold together the dangling threads and branches that make up the Multiverse.

Ultimately, the journey of Hiddleston’s Loki ended with his own glorious purpose, burdened with the fact that he is at the center of a new Yggdrasil-styled tree of Multiverse and a living Temporal Loom.

Loki’s New MCU Name After Season 2

New Funko Pop! merch of Loki from Season 2 depicts Tom Hiddleston’s Marvel character in the new costume seen in the final moments of Episode 6, where he was encased in a structure heavily resembling the Yggdrasil tree from Norse mythology.

Adorning a dark set of his iconic horns on his head, he took his rightful place on his throne as he used his powers to let countless timelines live on.

God Loki in the Loki Season 2 finale
Near the top of the Funko’s box is the name of the merchandise and also the title which Marvel has officially designated this version of Loki: “God Loki.”

Marvel Studios then shared an official Loki Season 2 poster showcasing Hiddleston’s God of Mischief wearing his new costume. Alongside the poster, Marvel also unveiled Loki’s new title as “God Loki:”

This name is quite unsurprising considering Loki’s evolution into his God of Stories persona, a title from the comics that this version of the Asgardian seems to have taken upon himself.

The God Loki designation is particularly interesting though, considering that Loki was already a God of Mischief. Perhaps now being one of the most powerful characters in the MCU necessitates this label to drive that point home.

Alternatively, the God Loki title may refer to how he has finally gotten to a point where he is worthy enough to refer to himself as a god, after his sacrifice to save everybody across the Multiverse.

Will “God Loki” Return to the MCU?

Loki’s journey took him to plenty of unexpected places by the end of Season 2, with the character even becoming a unique version of the MCU’s Tree of Life as he did everything in his power to save as many lives across the Multiverse as possible.

But with the God of Stories now seemingly placed where he could potentially be for the rest of his life, the real question is if and when he will return to the MCU, especially since he remains one of the franchise’s most popular characters.

The Loki Season 2 finale already directly referenced one of Kang’s other moments in the MCU from Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, hinting that Loki and Kang’s relationship is far from over as the Multiverse Saga moves forward.

And with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars both set up to put the Multiverse in even more danger, Loki may be inclined to impart his wisdom on the next team of Avengers who will have to stop Kang’s impending attack.

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