Will Loki Go Shirtless in Season 2? Loki Gag Video Shows Ripped Tom Hiddleston

Loki Episode 6

Tom Hiddleston went shirtless and showed off his incredibly ripped body in a never-before-seen blooper reel from the MCU’s 2021 Disney+ series, Loki.

Mere minutes into the first episode of his solo streaming series, Hiddleston displayed the incredible physical work he put in to play the God of Mischief for his first-ever shirtless scene in his then 10-year tenure.

After being taken captive by the TVA following his escape from 2012 New York City, one of the TVA’s robots instantly removed his Asgardian garb, leaving him butt-naked before he stood trial in front of Judge Renslayer.

Loki Gag Video Shows Ripped Tom Hiddleston

Entertainment Tonight shared an 85-second blooper reel from Season 1 of Loki, part of which showed off Tom Hiddleston‘s ripped upper body from the series’ very first episode.

Hiddleston jokingly points to the camera and says, “I’m doing this for you,” making light of his shirtless scene that took the MCU fandom by storm as he was reintroduced to the world in Phase 4.

Hiddleston is also seen wearing his new TVA dress shirt and tie along with a surgical mask with production taking place following a return from the Covid-19 quarantines worldwide.

A smile can be seen on his face as he shows off his best dance moves during a break from shooting.

The full blooper reel can be seen below:

Will Loki Go Shirtless in Season 2?

Marvel Studios is only days away from bringing Tom Hiddleston back into the spotlight for Loki Season 2, making his series the first live-action MCU project to officially move into a second season.

And while it’s still a mystery if Hiddleston will, in fact, lose his shirt again and show off his chiseled figure, his Loki will be in for some major new plot developments for Season 2.

Things will pick up in this new set of episodes right where Season 1 left off in 2021, putting Loki in the middle of a new TVA that’s in a state of chaos after Sylvie killed off He Who Remains.

And with Jonathan Majors’ other Variants of Kang the Conqueror looking to cause even more mayhem all across the Multiverse, Loki and the team will have to be on their game quickly in order to keep their world intact.

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