Will Taylor Swift Appear in Deadpool 3?

Taylor Swift in Deadpool 3

It’s hard to imagine Taylor Swift becoming even more relevant, but that’s exactly what will happen if she’s a mutant in the MCU.

If 2023 taught Hollywood or NFL executives anything, it’s that anything Swift does, it’s a great idea to be involved because it never fails.

If word gets out that Swift appears in Deadpool 3 (similar to the 2021 Harry Styles cameo in Eternals) even more fans will surely flock to theaters to get a glimpse of the pop star in the MCU.

How could Taylor Swift fit into Deadpool & Wolverine?

Deadpool, Taylor Swift

The rumors about Swift as Dazzler seem plausible due to the ironic resemblance between the superstar and the Marvel character, both physically and professionally.

They share similar features such as being tall (5’9″ for Dazzler, 5’11” for Swift), having blue eyes and blond hair, and experiencing various changes in aesthetics over the years.

Additionally, both have a wide fan base and are known for turning their performances into spectacles.

Specifically, Swift’s song “Never Grow Up” mirrors the known lyrics of Dazzler’s “A Little Girl’s Dream,” drawing a deeper connection between the two.

If she does appear, fans should expect nothing more than a cameo. As Swift is personal friends with Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively, the hypothetical scene could have been shot very briefly.

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