Yuri!!! On Ice: Why it’s insanely popular and Where you can watch it


Yuri!!! On Ice is a Japanese sports anime set in the realm of male figure skating which took the internet by storm after its release in 2016. The series was produced by MAPPA, directed and written by Sayo Yamamoto.

The beautiful character designs were done by Tadashi Hiramatsu. One amusing thing about this anime is how the renowned figure skater Kenji Miyamoto choreographed the routines and even performed them himself which were recorded, then used as skating sound effects. 


The series being wildly popular can be credited to the fact that the storyline and cinematography have been curated perfectly. The makers definitely did an excellent job in providing the viewers with awesome animation and intriguing characters.

If you are a fan of drama and delightful romance with heart-throbbing action, then Yuri On Ice is a must watch!!




Here area few details for you to have an idea of this highly praised series.

The story largely revolves around three main characters: Yuri Katsuki (Yuri k), Victor Nikiforov, and Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri P).  The show starts with Yuri suffering a crushing defeat at the Grand Prix Final. With all hopes lost, he decides to put his career on hold and returns to his hometown.

However, a new chapter unfolded in his life when a video of him perfectly impersonating the skating routine of his idol Victor Nikiforov (a famous Russian figure skater) went viral. It catches Victor’s attention and he travels to Katsuki’s hometown with an offer to train him and restore his career.

Yuri On Ice anime series is all about competition with proper focus on each skater’s insecurities, hopes, and dreams. The show offers us a break from the hyper-macho image that men are typically associated with. And instead, the viewers witness such smooth and graceful moves that it’s almost irresistible.

Hopefully, the second season of Yuri!!! On Ice will get released soon, as planned. Also, recently, an exciting teaser was released for a new Yuri On Ice movie.



Where to watch Yuri!!! On Ice?


Well, you’ve got a few options for that. You can always get a monthly subscription and watch from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. Or you can always watch from Kissanime for free.

If you prefer English subtitles, then Crunchyroll is the place to go. But Funimation has the dubbed versions.

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