The Witcher: 2021 Is The Best Year To Be A Witcher Fan

With so many things happening in the year 2021, it is safe to say that we have one extra advantage as The Witcher fans.

Witcher is gearing up for its second season, and a lot more are on the roster this year. Now, please leave it to us to remind you why this is the best year for a Witcher fan.

Also, don’t mistake us; we know the coronavirus has taken a new form and terrorized the people again. Hopefully, may this vaccine in each country work and at least give us an advantage in tackling the new mutant one.

With lots in store for 2021, Netflix has only one wish, and that is it’s shooting spots are safe and that the area of shooting doesn’t have a strict lockdown.

Here we present to you all the reasons why 2021 is the best year to be a Witcher Fan.


Season 2


If everything goes according to this final plan of Netflix, then maybe somehow, they can release the second season.

Fans have a theory that Netflix will be releasing it only in December like the first season. But some disagreed and said it might release in August, but now with so many obstacles the crew is facing, it might inevitably aim for a December release.


According to many confirmed reports, we knew that Vesemir, the mentor and father figure of Geralt, would be making his debut in the second season.

We know they won’t have enough time to introduce Vesemir properly in the series, so Netflix decided to make an Anime film to introduce Vesemir properly and tell his backstory. The anime is supposed to be released before the second season starts, so it is sure to release in 2021.

More Characters

Scoia’tael Banner

The book readers have been waiting for a long to introduce some of their favorite characters, and it looks like it is finally happening.

Now that Ciri and Geralt have met, they are on their way to Kaer Morhen, which means introducing more Witcher pals. Also, according to the casting news we have been receiving, we might see so many new characters introduced in the second season.

Spin-Off Series

We don’t know when the spin-off prequel of the series The Witcher:  The Blood Origin will release, but we have some good news.

According to reports, it is said that the series will begin filming this summer. There are also some serious rumors that Jason Momoa will play the male lead.

The Witcher Podcast

The Witcher series is not new to many, and fans of the series are also joined by the fans of the books and video games.

The Witcher Season 2: First Scene Revealed By Netflix

A podcast called Breakfast in Beauclair, which is famous among the fans, will return for a third season in 2021 and open with the book Blood of Elves, which is where the second season will be adapted from.

Witcher Comics

A new and fifth installment of the Witcher comics, Fading Memoria, will be releasing this year.

The comics are set to revolve around Geralt’s journey of capturing the Foglets who are kidnapping children.

Witcher Action Figures

It’s called action figures and nothing else! McFarlane Toys will release their Witcher collection this year.

Some leak in Twitter showed an action figure of Geralt standing next to Roach.

Short Story

According to our last Witchmas present, we know the Grain of Truth short story will be adapted into the second season.

It will involve a spooky mansion, a friendly beast, and dangerous Rusalka, excited??

Elves to Join the Party 

We knew about the problems faced by the Elves and how even a half Elven mage is treated. But other than that, we came across very few Elves.

But fear not, according to some set photos, it is said that we will get to see a lot of Elves and also the entry of Scoia’tael.

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