47 Ronin Gets A Sequel But Without Keanu Reeves

47 Ronin gets a sequel

The 2013 action fantasy 47 Ronin is on the works of getting a sequel, but this time without the lead actor. Keanu Reeves starred in the 2013 version of the movie but will not be returning to the sequel.

2013 Version


The original movie was based on the life of 18th-century Japanese warriors. The film was produced with a high budget of $175 million, but it was a box office bomb. Perhaps the movie was the biggest flop of Keanu Reeves’s career. The old version was directed by Carl Rinsch and was written by Chris Morgan and Hossein Amini.

Along with Keanu Reeves, the movie also starred Hiroyuki Sanada, Tadanobu Asana, Rinko Kikuchi and Ko Shibasaki. Some of the main reasons why the flopped were that it had to go against giants like The Wolf of the Wall Street, The Hobbit, sequel, American Hustle, etc. during Christmas week. Moreover, the movie was in the vault for too long since it was supposed to be released in November 2012 but took almost a year to come to screens.

The Sequel

The sequel is in the works with actor Ron Yuan set to direct it. The actor was last seen in Disney’s Mulan. The action fantasy will be produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment, which us an entity of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The movie is as of yet untitled and is set to premiere on Netflix.

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Yuan has revealed that the film will be a combination of genre-blending, including martial arts, horror, action, and cyberpunk. The film will reportedly take place 300 years in the future, and as of now, the cast for the movie has yet to be confirmed.

The period will perhaps be a giant stop sign for Keanu Reeves Kai to appear in this movie, and his absence will cut down the cost of the film considerably and will therefore leave a lot for marketing purposes.

The other misses

Keanu Reeves in Speed (1994)

This is not the first time Keanu Reeves has missed to appear in a sequel of his movie. Suppose one does remember the 1994 hit action movie, Speed, which cemented his career as a leadman. Up until then, he was beloved for his role in Bill and Ted movies.

So it came as a big shock when he refused to return for the sequel with his co-star Sandra Bullock. Speed 2 became one of the biggest box office disasters of 1997, and Reeves was applauded was staying away from the project.

He also is said to have missed the character of Yon Rogg from Captain Marvel due to scheduling conflicts with the John Wick franchise. Reeves, as of now, has many movies up his sleeve with fan-favorite Bill and Ted Face the Music, is all set to hit the theatres, with two more John Wick installments and Matrix 4 on the works.

Let’s hope that the untitled project, the sequel to 47 Ronin, will reach the audience this time and be a success.

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