6 Upcoming Exciting K-Pop Events to Look Forward To In 2024

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K-Pop keeps on stunning crowds with its captivating music, stunning shows, and remarkable culture on a worldwide scale. The K-Pop obliging class is speculating around 2024 and has proactively held two or three amazing occasions. These occasions, which range from courses to difficulties, award fans an unmatched chance to chop down themselves in the world of Korean popular culture. We should inspect seven advancing toward K-Pop occasions that would pure and simple brighten up fans.


Your City - song and lyrics by Jung Yong Hwa | Spotify

At the “YOUR CITY” live occasion in Seoul, unquestionable South Korean master and performer Jung Yong Hwa ought to wow swarms with his charging show. Popular entertainer Jung Yong Hwa conveys a major night piled-up areas of strength for immense for with and provocative music.

With his boggling invigorating presence and clear capacity, Jung Yong Hwa committed to furnish swarms with an amazing night. Take the necessary steps not to miss the live superstar of this amazing master at the “YOUR CITY” occasion in March 2024!

Date: March 1 – 2, 2024

Area: KBS Field, Seoul



The remarkable South Korean entertainer and guitarist Kwon Jin Ah will play out a charming show at Seoul, South Korea’s Olympic Handball Exercise room all through three nights on March 15-17, 2024. Kwon Jin Ah will wow swarms with her bursting presentations and energized vocals as she plays out her latest tunes and fan-top picks. Raised for its open arrangement and administering acoustics, the workplace guarantees a brilliant encounter for show people. Take the necessary steps not to misuse this dazzling section to hold yourself to Kwon Jin Ah’s music at this especially expected occasion.

Date: March 15 – 17, 2024

Area: Olympic Handball Entertainment center, Seoul, South Korea

3. ANIGMA Pop Culture Festival – Delhi Edition: New Delhi, India

ANIGMA POP CULTURE FESTIVAL - Delhi Edition | Festival & Fair | SkillBox

The ANIGMA Pop Culture Festival is critical strong regions for of all that pop culture that brings fans from various fandoms together under one rooftop. Fans could chop down themselves in their #1 works of popular culture, whether it is anime, gaming, comics, or cosplay — this occasion manages a colossal number of interests.

Date: March 17, 2024

Locale: Indira Gandhi Field

4. VANNER First Show [THE Standard: A TO V] SEOUL

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“THE Vanner: A TO V,” VANNER’s most conspicuous show, occurred in Seoul. South Korean high schooler pop assembling VANNER is conspicuous for its cheerful live shows and connecting with tunes. It was evaluated that the occasion will have a wide set list crossing their entire blend, including striking tunes paying little regard to memorable shows or covers. It without a doubt blended complex turn of events, obliging undertakings, and improvement — which are standard of K-pop shows. The expression “THE Vanner: A TO V” concludes an excursion or mission acknowledged that follows the band’s improvement from point A to point V (VANNER).

Date: April 27 – 28, 2024

Locale: YES24 LIVE Passage, Seoul, South Korea

5. HIPHOPPLAYA Festival: Seoul, South Korea

List of music festivals in South Korea - Wikipedia

Yearly, Seoul, South Korea has the regarded hip-sway live execution known as the HIPHOPPLAYA Festival. One of the most stunning gatherings for hip-impact dears in the country, the program highlights spread out and anticipated entertainers from adjoining and worldwide hip-skip affiliations.

Rap, R&B, and metropolitan music are two or three the different hip-influence types tended to during the occasion, which draws in a sizable swarm of music dears. Notwithstanding live shows, the occasion in some cases has different exercises, classes, and necessary grandstands to provoke hip-skip culture and lift nearby affiliation. When in doubt, HIPHOPPLAYA Festival offers specialists a possible opportunity to help their associates and lower themselves in the enthusiastic world of hip-skip music and culture.

Date: May 4 – 5, 2024

District: Nanji Hangang Park, Seoul, South Korea

Read More: https://kpopofficial.com/artist-lineup-for-hiphopplaya-festival-2024/

6. K-Pop World Festival: Israel

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Israel has the K-Pop World Festival, a festival of Korean pop culture and music. It gives a stage to Israel’s K-pop pictures to combine their gifts through introductions that bearing moving, singing, and other K-pop-pushed imaginative verbalizations.

The occasion as customarily as potential bearings inconveniences, shows, dance validations, and other K-pop-related works out. It connects with fans to get together, underwriting their reverence for K-pop, and take in neighborhood capacity shows, exceptional visitors, and star presentations from South Korea.

Date: July 15, 2024

District: Israel

These coming occasions award fans an amazing a doorway to ingest themselves the superb world of Korean music and culture as K-pop’s popularity makes. Anything might be enjoyed the experience of by anybody, including going to classes, and bothers, or fundamentally taking in stunning shows.

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