7 Illustrations Showing The Reality of Having Long Hair


It is safe to say that love is in the hair. Having long hair is the most annoying and wonderful thing ever, all at the same time. We know it is not easy to maintain long hair. On the screens, we see such perfect hair, but attaining that perfection, in reality, is still a dream for many of us. We present to you these expectations versus reality illustrations by Cassandra Calin showing the reality of having long hair from her comic.

1. The Hair Gel

Use hair gel, they said. It will hold your hair in its place, they said.


Credits: cassandracalin/Instagram

2. The Wind

We all wish the wind to blow only from one direction, the front.

Credits: cassandracalin/Instagram

3. The Hair Dryer

… well, at least it makes your hair manageable. It’s still a win. Yay.

Credits: cassandracalin/Instagram

4. The Hair Rollers

Using Hair Rollers give you the curls like unwanted opinions. You don’t ask for it, but you get it anyway. It would be great if it always gave curls as the wonder woman has.

Credits: cassandracalin/Instagram

5. The Hair Spray

If hair spray were a human, it would be a great lier. It’s supposed to protect your hair against humidity and wind, but it doesn’t act like this.

Credits: cassandracalin/Instagram

6. The Natural Curls

It is safe to say, “It is what it is.”

Credits: cassandracalin/Instagram

7. The Mousse

The before and after are in reality, after and before in the case of mousse.

Credits: cassandracalin/Instagram


It is no doubt that hair is itself a feeling. If your hairstyle is on point, you feel happy, and a bad hair day is actually a bad day. We hope this article added humor to your day. If you relate to these illustrations, then don’t forget to follow Cassandra Calin and share it with your friends.


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