All Versions Of Captain America’s Shield In The MCU


Captain America’s shield is one of the recognizable symbols to come out of the MCU. Here is every shield that Steve Rogers used in the franchise.

Captain America’s shield is among the most important symbols to come out from MCU – but Steve Rogers carried more than one shield in his run.
Steve rarely went to war without a shield. The super soldier treated the object as another organ. Like Thor’s hammer, Steve felt comfortable carrying a shield only if he felt fit enough.

The red, white, and blue shield will always be a symbolic image connected to Captain America. Here is every shield that Steve Rogers used as Captain America.

Captain America’s USO Shield

Captain America’s USO Shield

This is the first shield to be taken to war with a USO tour costume in Captain America: The First Avenger. After refusing active duty, Steve traveled as “Captain America” ​​to promote War Bonds. He painted a traditional heater-shaped steel shield with stars and stripes. The shield was bent and heavily damaged when he fought against Hydra’s commander- Johann Schmidt.

Captain America’s Original Vibranium Shield

Captain America Vibranium Shield

Later in The First Avenger, Steve noticed Howard Stark having a prototype shield among the weapons he was working for in the army. Howard explained that the shield is made of vibranium, which is a very strong material that can be protected from bullet skirmishes and other force weapons. To match Captain America’s newfound look, Howard designed the circular shield with a white star in the middle of a blue circle surrounded by white and red stripes.

Tony Stark’s New Prototype Shield

Tony Stark’s New Prototype Shield

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Happy Hogan states that Tony would give a prototype shield to Captain America. The MCU originally planned to give Tony a prototype for Steve during the Infinity War. Instead, Steve used a retractable shield designed by T’Challa and Shuri.

Captain America’s Alternate Vibranium Shield

Falcon Wielding Captain America’s Shield

After Thanos’ defeat in the Endgame, Steve returned in time and returned the Infinity Stones to their rightful place. He then stayed behind to live a full life with Peggy Carter. In doing so, he would have probably created an alternative timeline. Steve got the original Vibranium shield from that timeline, which is the version he brought to the original timeline. Now an oldie, Steve passed the vibranium shield to Sam Wilson along with the Captain America moniker, launching a new chapter in the MCU.

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