Alligator Loki Behind The Scenes: Croki Interacts With Co-Stars

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Loki fans are all wondering who exactly is Croki as the Alligator Loki from the series has easily become their favorite. We’ve got the answer here with Alligator Loki behind the scenes pictures posted by directors and writers of the show.

The on-set pictures give Loki fans a better chance to take a look at the stand-in for the CGI-generated Alligator Loki. According to a post made by the writer and producer of the series, we are introduced to a bright blue alligator plushy.

Loki writer and producer Eric Martin’s Twitter showcased these pictures for fans. During the discussion for Episode 5 of the Marvel Studios Disney+ series, questions were raised if Alligator Loki was used during the big fight scene in “Journey into Mystery.”


Creators On Alligator Loki Behind The Scenes

In the episode’s big fight scene, we were introduced to multiple Variants of Loki which were coming into conflict over the “throne” of the world. Responding to the question, Martin said that Alligator Loki did play a role and also shared a couple of behind-the-scenes pictures from production and set.

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Crocki, or the blue alligator plushie interacted with his co-stars which included the different Lokis. Based on the photo shared by Martin, we see Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki, and DeObia Oparei’s Boastful Loki along with Alligator Loki.

The blue plushie was also previously featured on director Kate Herron’s Twitter after Episode 5 aired. In another behind-the-scenes image, Herron captioned it as “a Muppet character on set.”


Herron gave insight as to how the plushie prop was utilized for visual effects. She revealed that the actors can also interact with the toy. “The actors can interact with it and get a sense of how heavy or how large the alligator would be,” Herron said.


The plushie was also used to film Alligator Loki’s scenes before the character was added to the episode using CGI. Herron further mentioned that Crocki was created and filmed because of great imagination. “[It was filmed] in the world of imagination with our cast because sometimes they were acting to a blade of grass,” she mentioned.

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