Angelina Jolie Did Not Shower For Three Days For This Role


We have heard actors do a lot of things for a role, from reducing weight to putting on weight, but this one about Angelina Jolie not taking a shower is weird to date.

Angelina Jolie, The Activist

Angelina Jolie has been vocal about many issues, and she has not only voiced her opinion, but she has also supported many financially.

The mother of six somehow manages to keep her high-profile career and parenting in balance. She will be seen next in Marvel’s Eternals.


The actor recently appeared on National Geographic’s cover. It was rather an unusual cover. All of us run at the sight of bees. If there is a swarm of bees near us and we are standing still, it would probably be because we are in a bee suit.

But Angelina Jolie looks so calm and collected in her clothes, posing for the cover with a lot of bees on her.

Did Angelina Jolie pose with Bees?

Yupe, she did, and guess what, she came out of the shoot without getting stung by even one. According to the actress, she had to stay very still until the shoot was over.


The actress had to stay away from showering for three days so that the bee does not get confused.

 We couldn’t shower for three days before. Because they told me, ‘If you have all these different scents, shampoos and perfumes and things, the bee doesn’t know what you are.’ … Then you put a few things up your nose and, in your ears, so you don’t give them as many holes to climb in.

The actress also shared about one naughty little bee which went into her skirt and stayed there till the end. She was convinced that it was going to sting her, but surprisingly, it didn’t.

“I did have one that got under my dress the entire time. It was like one of those old comedies. I kept feeling it on my knee, on my leg, and then I thought, ‘Oh, this is the worst place to get stung. It’s getting really close.’ It stayed there the entire time we were doing the shoot. And then when I got all the other bees off, I lifted the skirt, and he went away.”


The cover was a special for the World Bee Day, and Angelina Jolie rocked the cover and the interview.

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