Captain Marvel’s Superpowers the Problem! | Carol’s Superpowers Going Away For Good?

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The MCU could take away the superpowers of Brie Larson’s hero in the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel The Marvels.

The first trailer for Captain Marvel 2 features a fresh, fun adventure where Monica Rambeau inspects a corrupted jump point in space that causes her to swap places with Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan whenever they use their superpowers.

Multiple shots in the trailer showed the Marvel heroes popping up in situations both dangerous and hilarious, including a classic MCU team-up against its latest gender-swapped foe.

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For a theme as unique as this one, the sequel’s main character would be included in such an awesome superpower smackdown. However, Brie Larson was seldom featured doing much of anything in The Marvels’ debut trailer.

That may explain a lot about what’s going on in Captain Marvel 2 as Carol Danvers may actually lose her abilities in the MCU sequel.

Will Captain Marvel 2 Strip Away Carol’s Superpowers?

Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers is shown refraining from using her superpowers in the first trailer for the MCU’s last movie of 2023, The Marvels.

The cosmic Avenger may be doing this so that she doesn’t trade places with Monica Rambeau or Kamala Khan, but it could also be the case that Captain Marvel loses her superpowers in The Marvels.


2019’s Captain Marvel was all about the power that Carol Danvers acquired from the Space Stone and how the Kree wanted to get it from her.

Since The Supreme Intelligence couldn’t extract the power from Carol, the Kree installed a device on her neck that could inhibit Captain Marvel’s ability to use her superpowers.

Although Carol eventually overcame that device and escaped the Kree’s grasp, the new trailer for the MCU sequel indicates the Kree are sending a new Accuser after Captain Marvel, meaning they’re likely still after the power that she possesses thirty years later.

Are Captain Marvel’s Superpowers the Problem?

Now that the Infinity Stones are gone, Captain Marvel may be one of the greatest sources of power in the universe. The Kree know this, and they’re surely still wanting the power that Brie Larson’s MCU hero has.


It’s unlikely the Kree have been able to find her since she scared them off in 1995, considering Carol has only been back to Earth a couple of times for no longer than a day.

There’s a good chance the corrupted jump point that Monica inspects in the new trailer is set up by the Kree in an attempt to retrieve Captain Marvel. After all, it’s likely the same jump point that Ronan used when he said he’d be back for Carol.

Captain Marvel, The Marvels, Accuser Fight

Carol is shown fighting the new Accuser in the trailer, but she doesn’t use her powers like she did when defending Earth against Ronan and his forces. It’s the same scene that shows Monica and Kamala switching places as they use their abilities, yet Carol is unaffected as she lunges at the villain.

So far, Kamala and Monica are the only ones that have been shown triggering the switching-of-places between characters. For instance, when Kamala switched places with Carol by using her bangle, Carol switched places with her mid-flight and ended up being thrown into Kamala’s kitchen table.


Captain Marvel in Kamala Khan’s house in The Marvels

Captain Marvel in Kamala Khan's house in The Marvels

Interestingly, that blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-moment when Carol flies into the Khans’ house is the only instance in the trailer that shows Captain Marvel using her powers at all.

In a later scene, Kamala is shown using her bangle after trading places with Monica, yet Carol doesn’t take Kamala’s place like she did earlier in her kitchen.


Does that mean that the switching-of-places only happens when the two heroes are using their powers simultaneously? No, that can’t be true since neither Kamala nor Carol were already using their own abilities when the two first swapped places in the Ms. Marvel finale’s post-credits scene.

With that in mind, it’s possible that Carol is removed from Captain Marvel 2’s superpower switch-a-roo in by losing her powers somewhere in the movie, either by choice or by force. Considering the Kree are coming back with a vengeance in the sequel, they may be the ones responsible for depowering the MCU’s strongest superhero (again).

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