Attack on Titan Episode 80 Reveals The Tormented Past of Ymir

Attack on Titan Episode 81

The latest episode of Attack on Titan revealed the tormented past of Ymir, the Founder. The story of her past is depicted through a series of mostly silent shots of Ymir as she lives her life as a slave, then as King Fritz’s wife cum sex slave.

Attack on Titan Episode 80 gave us a good peek into how the power of Titans was weaponized by Eldia, by the Eldian king/war-chief who used the power to conquer and subjugate neighboring kingdoms like Marley. This goes back way into history, 2000 years ago, and sets the pace for the series.

The title of this latest episode is “From You, 2000 Years Ago” and the sad story of Ymir begins with a heart-wrenching shot of Freida Reiss with Crista Lenz/Historia Reiss. As Historia asks her what it means to be lady-like, Freida shows her the story of Ymir, who was kind to everyone and thought about others’ well-being.

Let us take a look into her tragic story to understand the present developments in the plot.

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Ymir’s Village Attacked

The peek into the past begins first with Ymir’s village getting attacked by Eldia. As the village is subjugated and burnt down, the inhabitants are turned into slaves.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 21: Ymir enslaved

One day, Ymir lets some pigs free due to her taking pity on the unfortunate animals. When the king finds out, he tells the slaves that if they don’t reveal the name of the criminal, one of their eyes will be gouged out.

“Freedom” and Source of All Life

In a moment of fright and sheer terror, all of them point their hands towards Ymir. She is told that she is free as she is let free in the forest as the warriors and ferocious dogs chase her and injure her with arrows and spears.

As she stumbles onto an unusual tree with a massive hole, she runs into it for refuge and falls down a hole accidentally. As she falls down into an underground pool, a creepy-looking spine-like creature attaches itself into her spine and she transforms into a titan.

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 21
Ymir becomes a titan

Ymir’s Reign of Terror

She goes back to her captor for unknown reasons and she is commanded by Fritz King to help him defeat and usurp neighboring kingdoms. She does so loyally and brings progress to the lands. She builds roads and bridges and the culture flourishes in Eldia.

She gives birth to three daughters whose names are Rose, Maria, and Shina. She lives a peaceful life and just does whatever her husband tells her to do.

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 21: Ymir defeats other kingdoms

Ymir’s Death

One day, when a betrayer throws a spear at her husband King Fritz, she jumps in to defend him. She gets heavily injured as her chest is impaled gruesomely. Fritz callously tells her to get up since she is assumed to be invincible.

Attack on Titan Episode 80

However, she dies and does not get up. King Fritz decides to make sure her power is transferred on to their three daughters and thus, tells them to eat their mother.

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Attack on Titan Episode 80: Maria, Rose, and Sina eat Ymir
Maria, Rose, and Sina eat Ymir

The scene is gruesome and we see the three girls eating their brutalized mother. King Fritz tells them to make sure that their grandchildren to do the same, to eat the spines of their ancestors to make sure that the power of the Titans remains in their family so that Eldia can rule the world.


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