The Talking Titan : True Identity and Foreshadowing

Attack on Titan Talking Titan

With the manga officially ending and the anime nearing its closure, we look back on certain instances from the story which seemed irrelevant at the time but ended up being huge revelations. One such example is when we come across The Talking Titan in an OVA episode of the Attack on Titan anime. 

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First Appearance: 

The Talking Titan first appears when it encounters a fleeing Ilse Langnar, who was a member of the 34th expedition beyond the wall. One would assume that Ilse would suffer the same fate as the rest of her comrades. However, instead of devouring her, the Titan stares at her for an unusual amount of time until it finally speaks. The Titan addresses Ilse as “Lady Ymir” before finally bowing down and greeting her. 

Ilse then questions the Titan to which she is met with signs of agitations and groaning. Ilse becomes scared and tries to flee but is caught by the Titan and killed by getting her head crushed in her jaws. The Titan, in turn, starts weeping and instead of eating her body, ends up placing it inside the hollow of a tree. Attack On Titan (Talking Titan eats Ilse Langnar)


The Talking Titan is expected to be one of the members of the cult of Lady Ymir in Marley. Upon being discovered by the Public Security Authorities of Marley, she is sent to the borders of Paradis Island and transformed into a Pure Titan.Talking Titan

What makes this Titan Special? 

At the time when we had no idea about things such as the Nine Titans, The Talking Titan seemed way different than the others. The way it showed emotions of discomfort, regret, sorrow and agony gave us another dimension regarding the Titans. One could argue that this was the first instance when the Titans did not turn out to be what they were portrayed as. 

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Why The Talking Titan? 

As mentioned earlier this Titan was introduced fairly early in the story, however it was set up to give a vague but simple idea of what life could have been beyond the walls. Especially now, since most of the major plot points have been revealed in the anime and done away with in the manga, we can now see how brilliantly it was all being set up for the big reveal regarding life outside the walls. 

Earlier, this scene must have been very confusing for readers and watchers alike. Now, one can piece together all the things together and make up a conclusion by themselves. The Talking Titan was only a mere victim out of  the thousands who were persecuted by the Marleyan government.

Ilse's Journal: Talking Titan

Where to Watch?

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