Attack on Titan Season 4: The Curse of Ymir Explained

Fans of both Attack on Titan manga and anime are immensely curious about the Curse of Ymir and whether it really exists as it seems to loom over the fates of many characters including Eren’s. Fans have spun many theories as they’re interested to know what the nature of the curse is, especially in regards to how it will impact Eren’s arc.

If you’re someone who’s just as curious about this curse, read on to find out!


This curse goes back to Ymir Fritz, the first Titan who is considered to be the only one to have full control over all Titans as they possess fragmentary characteristics of her own power. Ymir had an intensely powerful control over her Titan body, which was incredible in its sheer strength.

With it, she could perform tremendously difficult tasks such as constructing bridges across mountain ranges and even cultivating entire fields.

When was the Curse of Ymir first mentioned in Attack on Titan? 

The curse was first talked about in chapter 88 of the manga and in Season 3 of the anime. It was when Wall Maria was reclaimed and the Scouts uncovered the secrets of the basement in Eren’s childhood home, that the legend of Ymir, the first Titan was revealed.

It stated that since Ymir could not live beyond 13 years after she awakened her powers, no other Titan would be able to surpass her limit. So, once a person acquires the power to shift into a Titan, they would not live beyond 13 years because of the curse.

Does the Curse of Ymir of Attack on Titan really exist? 

One major example is Eren’s father who gave himself up for Eren to feed on after possessing the Attack Titan for 13 years. Tom Ksaver and Uri Reiss too suffered immense sickness and aged a lot during their last years. In Eren’s case though, fans think there may be a loophole since he possesses multiple Titans’ powers.

Grisha Yeager, Eren’s father too didn’t age so much as Uri Reiss and fans wonder if this could be because he possessed two Titans’ bodies. But this theory may be false too since Ymir couldn’t live beyond 13 years even though she possessed nine Titans’ powers.

Anyway, fans shall soon find out the answers to their questions regarding the Curse of Ymir as the series is heading towards an end. We’ll finally get to see how Eren’s arc will conclude and what his true intentions have been all along!

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