Attack on Titan: This Is How Pieck Finger Originally Looked Like


Pieck Finger (better known as the Titan Wagon) is now one of Attack on Titan‘s favorite female characters. So it’s hard to imagine a different version of the character. However, the titan woman went through several changes within Hajime Isayama‘s mind when the creator had not yet decided what her character would look like.

In fact, in a 2017 Bessatsu Shonen Magazine article, the author of Attack on Titan revealed the original sketch of the character behind the Titan Wagon.

Pieck Finger Attack on Titan

The character’s real name was to be Oliver Pieck, a middle-aged Erdian soldier chosen to use one of the nine Titan powers.

The manga kept this version of the character a little longer when the Titan Cart was featured in the Reclamation of the Wall Maria arc. Let’s remember that back then he appeared as one of the Beast Titan’s helpers, who carried several boxes and barrels on his back.

At that time both his abilities and his identity as a human remained unknown, but the appearance of this mysterious titan matches the sketch of “Oliver Pieck”.

Pieck Finger Attack on Titan

Taking advantage of the fact that at that time the “Titan Carreta” still did not show his human form, Isayama had to decide to change the appearance of his character. This is how Olivier Pieck went from being a man to becoming “Pieck Finger”, a young-looking and apparently fragile woman,

Although we all know that Pieck is not weak at all, especially during his appearance in the last episodes of the manga.

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