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Attack On Titan’s Best Female Characters

Here is everything you need to know about Attack On Titan’s best female characters.

Rico Brzenska

Rico Brzenska is a part of the Garrison’s elite forces in Attack On Titan. When she is first introduced, Rico is seen as a no-nonsense leader who does not hesitate in thinking that Eren Yeager and his friends need to die. However, fans later see her defending Eren’s Titan form and openly weeping at the losses of her comrades.

Rico later becomes one of the many Yeagerists loyal to Eren’s ideas. Though this is a stark change from her initial sentiments, Rico proves that people can change — even if it is not always for the better.

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Mikasa AckermanMikasa Ackerman

As Attack On Titan’s female lead, Mikasa Ackermann is practically legendary for her strength. She is the best Scout in her unit, although she originally joins only out of the desire to protect Eren. Her skills are second only to those of humanity’s strongest soldier, Levi Ackerman.

Mikasa is shocked and shaken when Eren states she has been protecting him because her Ackerman lineage is forcing her to. She struggles a lot with her feelings for Eren, her responsibilities, and the right path to take. In the end, despite her love for Eren, she chooses to kill him and finally destroy the Power of the Titans in the process.


Ymir is given the name “Ymir” long ago by a man who is part of an organization that worships their ancestor. She accepts her role and is originally praised for it. But things quickly go wrong when the group is caught, and Ymir is turned into a Titan. Eventually, she eats Marcel Galliard and inherits the Jaw Titan.

Ymir later enlists in Paradis’ army due to her interest in Krista Lenz, who is later revealed to be Historia Reiss. Their relationship elevates Ymir’s character.

Sasha BrausSasha Braus

The lovable Sasha Braus easily wins over the hearts of Attack On Titan fans. Enthusiastic and gluttonous, she brings a level of simple humanity into the otherwise dire reality of the Scouts. But that does not mean she is not a qualified warrior in her own right.

On the contrary, Sasha becomes one of the best sharpshooters in the group. But the same warmth that makes her so likable seals her fate. She finds it difficult to attack children and spares Gabi Braun, which leads to her death.

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A major antagonist in the first part of the anime, Annie Leonhart is a Titan in disguise. She, Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover, and Marcel Galliard infiltrate Paradis with the hope of claiming the Founding Titan. Annie’s scream is responsible for summoning the numerous Titans.

As the Female Titan, Annie is incredibly dangerous, wiping out the squads of Scouts sent after her by Commander Erwin Smith. Annie proves herself a formidable foe more than once in Attack On Titan.

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