Avengers: Endgame directors shut down “I love you 3,000” theory

The most hyped Marvel movie, Avengers: Endgame hit theaters about 2 months ago.

The movie was critical at the box office with breaking all previous records, and now posses the highest grosser movie of all time, beating Avatar.

Endgame brought serious, tragic events showing the downfall of the main Avengers.

The New Fan Theory about the “I Love You 3000”

Fans had a deeper connection with Iron-Man, who took Marvel to the peak in Cinematic World. We saw Iron-Man sacrificing his life to save the world.

Now, fans have been theorizing the best moments of Tony Stark from movies. “I Love You 3000” is one such phrase which fans are thinking about and finding the deeper meaning of it.

The phrase was originally said by Iron-Man to his daughter Morgan as he puts her to bed, and the same was repeated at his funeral at the end of the movie.

Several theories were put in forward for the phrase.

According to one such theory, the phrase is alleged runtime of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe of 3000 minutes.

Now, though, Joe and Anthony have made it clear that it wasn’t a deliberate move on their part.

The theory says it’s a parting reference to Robert Downey, Jr. after portraying the Armored Avenger in ten films across the MCU.

However, according to directors Joe and Anthony Russo, the combined runtime is all a grand coincidence.

“We worked really hard to make sure… we’ve been planning that since Winter Soldier,” Joe Russo joked to Deco Drive. “No, I mean that is absolutely coincidental, we’re not that smart.”

While joking that they had it all planned out since helming 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the brothers reveal that it is hard enough to focus enough on directing one film, much less bringing the runtime of a film to match a seemingly arbitrary number.

Also, the runtime of Marvel’s new upcoming movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home has been released which accounts the combined MCU runtime to 2996 minutes, rest 4-minute credits. That will make the total to 3000.

Anthony Russo added: “It’s hard enough to make these movies, trying to hit a minute count like that seems off the mark.”

Robert Downey behind the phrase

Previously, after the release of Endgame, Robert Downey Jr. confirmed that “I Love You 3000” was convocated by him, inspired by his real-life interaction with children.

But it turns out that Easter egg conspiracy was just that coincidence that all Marvel movies end up to 3000 minutes, which makes the fan theory stronger.

This week the movie got a re-release with some extra credits, deleted scenes and a tribute to Stan Lee.

We’ll have some more Easter eggs scattered throughout the movie after seeing the new footage.

The re-release was intended to beat Avatar to become top grosser movie worldwide.

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