Bella Thorne: OnlyFans Account Bumping up Her Net Worth


Bella Thorne, our former Disney star, has come a long way from Shake It Off. Bella Thorne has established herself as a singer, actor and author. She was last seen in ‘Infamous’ starring alongside Jake Manley.

Bella Thorne owns a production company, and Infamous was the last movie produced by her company. Bella Thorne joined Only Fans, this month and announced it in her verified social media accounts on August 20, 2020, with a video. Within 24 hours, Bella made 1 million from the app.

Jake Manley and Bella Thorne in The Infamous Trailer

OnlyFans, for those who don’t know, is an app which is used prominently by content creators, sex workers and entrepreneurs who use this platform to create their contents and display it but to view them you need to buy the subscription. Bella charges 20 dollars a month. There are more in-app purchases on uncensored images and videos.

Bella has given a statement saying that she has joined it to “research” for a movie. But 2 million dollars was just a minor advantage, I guess. She was overwhelmed by the response of her fans and have said that the money will go into her production company and for charity.


But many, especially sex workers those who are using the platform are not happy with Bella since she just swooped in and gained all those audience and money. At the same time, they have been underpaid and not recognized for their hard work and own content. They also raised concerns that they are being stereotyped and branded for their jobs, but when someone famous does it, they are applauded. Cardi B and Blac Chyna were also some recent celebrities who joined the Only Fans platform.

Bella made 2 million within a week and has been trending all over internet putting the limelight on Only Fans platform. Some sex workers see this as a plus while some are just furious. Bella is 22 and has been dating an Italian singer Benjamin Mascolo.


Bella Throne in Disney Show Shake It Up

The former Disney star has also said that she won’t be posting any nude content in a tweet on Tuesday. New York Times called Only fans as, “The paywall of porn” in 2019. It is also said that the star herself will personally reply to every fan text in her DM in the platform.


It is said that Bella will be posting never-seen-before pictures and videos of her. Last year Bella shut down a blackmail and extortion attempt by a hacker, by posting the nude photos of herself on her Twitter page.

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