Chris Evans Jumping In The Pool Is The Best Thing On The Internet Today


What good did we do to deserve the video yesterday? I am sure you have been ogling at it all day.

Final Dip Of 2020

Chris Evans decided to take one final dip in his pool before winter winds coming chilling. So, he did a shirtless video of him doing a backflip into the pool, and the fans have gone gaga.


Evans threw the fans into a frenzy by flaunting his fit flexed boy with half a body covered in tattoos. The tattoos are not exactly clear, but it is shown that his upper body is now covered with lots of tattoos.

Please Forward The Link To….

Now if any of you find an app which would help us zoom in on a video, convert the video to higher clarity, then it would be immensely helpful for me. Also, we kinda deserved this hotness in this already begun winter season in the Asian continent.



Chris Evans His Pet Dog Dodger

Don’t know if any of you noticed anywhere else than Evans in the video, even if you didn’t, not judging you, folks. But another highlight was Dodger running his butt off from the pool as soon as he saw Evans jumping in the pool. Either he knew the water is cold and that Evans might pull him into the water and make him cold too, or else he was probably running to call his PR team figuring that this stuff might just go viral again.

Back To Form

Boy, what we wouldn’t give to be near that pool right now. Anyhoo after that NSFW leak, it’s good to see Evans back with videos and looking his best self. He had a remarkable comeback though with the tweet asking the fans to vote!

Political Stance


Evans has always been very open on who his support is to. Wait let me rephrase that, he has been vocal on who he doesn’t endorse, yes, the answer is Donald Trump. Even recently, he blasted Trump for tweeting that COVID-19 is nothing big and people shouldn’t be scared of it.

Silly Us!

And to those wondering who took the video if there is someone in his life again, no one took it. I mean the phone was kept someplace nearby on a table or chair I guess which recorded the actor doing his flip. And no, there is no video of him getting out of the pool all wet and switching off the recording.


I know you are saying that you asked that just because to see his tattoos clearly, but sister, you and I know definitely know why you asked that!

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