Best Character Arcs In Bleach

Here is everything you need to know about the best character Arcs in Bleach.

Orihime InoueOrihime Inoue

Ichigo’s goofy deredere friend Orihime Inoue gradually became braver, stronger, and more heroic as Bleach progressed. At first, she was a “civilian” character who needed protecting from Hollows, but then she gained impressive spiritual powers and developed a tougher mindset to match.

Orihime repaid her friends when she started fighting by their side, and she showed incredible courage and resolve even in the face of villains like Ulquiorra Schiffer and Sosuke Aizen. Orihime’s noble willpower became so strong, even the bully Loly Aivirrne was terrified and considered her a monster.

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Ichigo’s good friend Chad is often criticized for losing his most important fights and being weak. Still, not even Chad’s critics can deny that he had a good character arc.

Chad once felt frustrated and lost living with his grandfather in Mexico, and bullied others until he was taught an essential lesson about the true purpose of strength. Since then, Chad has been a semi-pacifist hero who’s intensely loyal to his friends, and he unlocked incredible Hollow-like power after that.

Captain Sajin KomamuraCaptain Sajin Komamura

Captain Sajin Komamura of Squad 7 was established as a mysterious figure who owed Yamamoto a lot. He also seemed ashamed of himself, hiding his face under that helmet. Then, Sajin learned to accept himself and revealed his wolf head, and he never looked back.

Sajin’s arc was all about self-acceptance and friendship. He re-emphasized those themes when he faced the villainous Kaname Tosen in the replica Karakura Town. Later still, Sajin fully embraced his mysterious clan’s ways and gave up his heart so he could fight the Wandenreich one last time.

Kisuke UraharaKisuke Urahara

The eccentric scientist Soul Reaper Kisuke Urahara was disgraced when Aizen framed him for a horrible crime. And Kisuke reluctantly hid in Karakura Town as a fugitive. There, Kisuke learned to like his new and humble life, all while preparing Ichigo and the others to take down Aizen for good someday.

Kisuke’s character arc fleshed him out as an unfortunate but brilliant ex-Soul Reaper who had a sinister dark side. In the end, though, Kisuke was wholly dedicated to good, and he proved it when he helped the heroes take down Quincy in the final arc.

Rukia KuchikiRukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki is Ichigo’s tsundere Soul Reaper ally and a reverse-isekai heroine. She also suffered greatly in her life, growing up an orphaned street urchin before undergoing Soul Reaper training later. Rukia felt lost and unsure of herself, but then she met Ichigo.

Rukia learned more about human life and happily embraced it. After the Soul Society arc, Rukia regained her powers and made peace with the Shibas. Finally, Rukia overcame her grief as she slew Aaroniero, and became much closer to Byakuya Kuchiki as a little sister Byakuya could be proud of.

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