Black Clover Chapter 326 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

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Here’s what you may want to know about Black Clover Chapter 326.

About Black Clover

Asta, a tiny infant born without magical skills, is the story’s protagonist. This is unheard of in his planet, where everyone seems to have some sort of supernatural ability. Asta aims to become the new Wizard King with the help of his fellow Black Bulls wizards.

Black Clover Chapter 325 Recap

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Lucifero thrashed Yuno and shattered his magical armour at the end of Chapter 325. He negates everyone’s magic and blasts the entire area as if it were a game.

Black Clover Chapter 326

It’s the ultimate battle between the demons and the humans, and the devils have a distinct advantage. Yuno wagers on the sword that Captain Vengeance entrusted to Yami despite all odds and falls unconscious.

Asta, unlike Nacht, has not previously relied on the Devil Union and is now persuaded that the Devil Union is his only hope of defeating Lucifero. He tells Liebe that they must revenge Licita’s awful death.

Meanwhile, Yami finds that his katana can’t breach Lucifero’s defenses any longer. With his point-blank range, Lucifero smashes Yuno’s magical armour.

Black Clover Chapter 326

Black Clover Chapter 326 Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 326 raw scans and spoilers have yet to be released. They are released about 2-3 days before the official release of the chapter. So, on Friday, March 11, 2022, make sure to check our website.

Black Clover Chapter 326 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 326 is scheduled to get released on March 13, 2022. Every new chapter of this Black Clover manga gets released after a week.

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Where To Read

You can read the last three chapters of the manga, Black Clover, on the websites Viz Media and MangaPlus legally for no cost at all. To read the entire manga, you would have to get a monthly subscription.

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