Tribe Nine Episode 10 Release Date, Spoilers and Other Details

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About Tribe Nine 

Tribe Nine is set in a dystopian future (the year 20XX) in which unorganised youths create their own Tribes, which quickly turn violent and terrorise Neo-Tokyo. To quell the unrest, Neo-government Tokyo enacts the “XB Law,” which states that all future disagreements between Tribes would be resolved by games of “Extreme Baseball,” which will be overseen by artificial umpires.

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Recap of Tribe Nine Episode 9

Since Tribe Nine Episode 10 has not been released yet, we can recap the events of Episode 9. We get a flashback. Oziro defeats Kazuki in XB. Tenshin Otori, disappointed in Kazuki who is whimpering on the floor, orders Kazuki to break his arm so that he could never play XB again. 

Tribe Nine Episode 10

Kaiga flings Sonoda to one side and the other Minato members escape. Aoyama tells Micchan that he can win at XB by himself and he joined them only to get revenge on Ojiro. Kaiga starts practicing XB and with his brute strength, he hits the ball quite far. But it turns out he did not hit it with his bat but the vacuum around it changed its direction. 

Sonoda arrives with two trucks of runners. Since the judge robots are broken, Sonoda’s team’s points are increasing as the runners go around the field. Kaiga and Aoyama decide to fix the robots before they lose their advantage. 

Tribe Nine Episode 10

Kaiga is able to fix all the robots but the Ota tribe is winning by one point. Aoyama, Haru and Kaiga are left to bat. Aoyama survives narrowly. It is Haru’s turn next. But the Otas use unapproved gear. When the robots object, Sonoda bombs the pavilion. 

Tribe Nine Episode 10

In the end, the Minatos do win by one point. Yukigaya has fallen in love with Kaiga and is not leaving her side. Aoyama accepts that he joined the Minato tribe’s side only to get revenge on Ojiro. Meanwhile, Tenshin Otori decides to change the rule of the game, as he will do anything to win. 

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Spoilers for Tribe Nine Episode 10

Official spoilers for Tribe Nine Episode 10 aren’t out yet. But we can speculate that the Minatos and the Otas will continue their match. Sonoda will probably come up with some other plot to derail the game. Fans will be eagerly looking forward to Tenshin Otori’s actions. We will also get a glimpse into Aoyama and Ojiro’s rivalry. 

Release Date of Tribe Nine Episode 10

Tribe Nine Episode 9 will be released on March 14, 2022.

Where to Watch Tribe Nine?

If you are in Japan, you can watch the latest episodes of Tribe Nine from Tokyo MX. Another amazing website for streaming this anime is Funimation but it is not available in every country. Moreover, it is not free and requires you to buy a monthly subscription of $5.99 per month.

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