Five All Time Best Slice of Life Anime You Should Watch!

If you’ve recently finished or been watching a heavy anime series and you want to turn to something more light-hearted for a short break, you’ve come to the right place!

Slice of life genre has plots that are not very complicated and are easy to follow. This genre captures the essence of real life beautifully, even the most mundane moments. Here is our list of five best ever slice of life anime recommendations.

1. Fruits Basket (2001 and 2019) 

The story follows the life of recently orphaned Tohru who lives in a tent because she doesn’t want to bother her friends or relatives about a place to stay. She encounters Yuki and Shigure Souma who invite her to stay with them after a landslide destroys her tent.

But she soon learns a huge secret about the Souma’s which is that when a person of the opposite gender touches them, they turn into their zodiac animal forms. Fruits Basket is one of the most iconic Shoujo series and you’ll enjoy watching it!

2. Free! (2013) 

Free! is a really fun sports anime in which the main character Haruka loves swimming. He was part of a swimming team with three friends Makoto, Rin and Nagisa and they even won a tournament but later separated after going to different schools. It is in high school that they once again reunite except for Rin who ended up in a different school.

Needing a fourth member, Nagisa recruits Rei. With an amazing soundtrack, gorgeous animation and fun characters, Free! is a great series to binge watch!

3. Clannad (2007) 

Tomoya Okazaki is your regular high school student who is bored of classes. He meets a melancholy girl called Nagisa who has been held back a year as she was ill. Meeting her starts to change his perspective on life and he befriends her and soon meets more friendly students as he helps her try to revive the drama club. Many fans swear that Clannad is one of the best romantic drama/comedy and if you want good fleshed out characters, watch this.

4. K-On! (2009) 

One of the best school themed anime series with amazing music! K-On! focuses on a very simple plotline, with the very upbeat and cheerful Yui who befriends the members of the Light Musical Club after she decides to join the club. There’s just one problem, she can’t play any instrument.

The members decide to let her stay and train her so that they’ll be ready by the time the music festival starts. If you want an anime that deals with friendship, flawless animation, enjoyable characters and plenty of good music, watch K-On!

5. Usagi Drop (2011) 

Daikichi Kawachi is your average guy who works at a respectable place but doesn’t have any concrete goal in his life. He returns home to pay respect when his grandfather passes away. It is here that he meets a girl called Rin, who turns out to be his grandfather’s illegitimate child. The entire family refuses to take responsibility for Rin and finds her existence a disgrace. Daikichi decides to take her in and care for her. Usagi Drop is truly one of the best slice of life series and it will definitely make you fall in love with this genre.


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