Black Clover: Things You Should Know About Grey

In the world of Black Clover, Grey is a very interesting character, whose character teaches an important lesson to never judge someone by their appearance! If you want to learn more about this unique character, you’ve come to the right place.

Grey’s True Form And Her Origin Story 

When Black Clover viewers are first introduced to Grey, she is in the form of a huge man with black hair who is bigger than other characters. Her true form is eventually revealed to be that of a young woman who has light blue hair and a gentle looking face. Her actual appearance is hinted at in the 11th episode of the series where she runs past Asta while in Kikka.

Grey’s origin story is borrowed from the story of a classic fairy tale character, like many other Black Clover characters. We learn in her backstory that she received very harsh treatment from her stepmother and stepsisters but she never lost hope of reconciliation with them. She used magic to make herself resemble her stepsisters but this made them chase her away from home.

She Wields Transformation Magic That Is Unique And Different From Others


In the world of Black Clover, transformation magic is used to change the person into someone else. It has the ability to change someone’s body type, biological sex, and age. While we know Grey can transform herself into a different appearance like other users who have this same magic, she has an extra ability. She can also transformation inanimate objects, including spells. Other users cannot go beyond changing their own appearance, so this shows that Grey’s transformation magic is very unique.

Grey Has Amazing Healing Powers! 

Her healing power is revealed when she heals Gauche after he gets stabbed by Dante’s sword. With her power, she reassembled his tissue. This shows that her abilities go much more beyond just transformation magic.

She Has The Ability To Control Any Element

On top of transformation magic and healing powers, Grey can also transform any element so if anyone directs an elemental attack at her, she is perfectly capable of handling that. This seems to be a very different form of magic, and not an extension of her transformation magic. She may possibly be an Arcane Stage mage!


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