Will One Piece’s Monkey D. Luffy and Boa Hancock end up together?

It is a running theme that One Piece fans love to ship the characters, of course. just like any other fandom. Though the series doesn’t thrive on the idea of romance, there have been several hints of possible relationships between the casts.

And naturally, as the protagonist, Luffy becomes the main focus on who he might end up with. There are a ton of female characters in the series where signs of a love interest have been shown. Out of them all, Boa Hancock has already taken the first step by confessing her feelings.

How did Luffy meet Boa Hancock?

When Monkey D.Luffy arrives in ‘Amazon Lily’, he realizes that the island was only inhabited by women. Since men are not allowed on the island, he gets hunted by the inhabitants. 

While trying to escape from them, he hides on the roof of the palace where the Empress lives. But he accidentally slips and falls straight into the bath. At the same time, Boa was in the palace preparing herself for a bath. The Empress got alarmed and felt insulted, so she tries to use her Devil Fruit abilities to turn Luffy into a stone.

One Piece: Will they end up together?

Initially, Boa Hancock is known for being cold towards men since she has experienced some extremely wicked acts of men. However, Luffy’s genuine actions and selfless nature softens her heart, gradually developing romantic feelings for him.

Her love for Luffy even makes her turn against the World Government many times. As much as Luffy is a loyal colleague to her, Hancock is very loyal to him though he rejects her proposal. 

The reason for his rejection is mainly due to his dream of becoming a pirate, and has no time for romance at the moment. The fact that they share similar ambitions and command as leaders of their respective crews is admired by their fans. 

Also, because of this, the chances are high that Boa and Luffy might end up together, as speculated by their shippers. Whatever the case may be, let’s leave it to the creator Eiichiro Oda to decide the fate of these two Pirate leaders. 


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