Why Black Clover Is A Great Anime, And Why You Should Watch It

Black Clover has been around in the anime community for a while now, ever since it first premiered in October 2017. This action-packed anime series is based on a manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata.

The story revolves around a boy called Asta who is seemingly born without any magical powers. This is an unusual thing in their world. Asta is very ambitious and he plans to become the Wizard King. With that being said, this series has received mixed responses from viewers.

Like any popular series, it is bound to be picked apart with people wondering if it’s worth watching. If you’re curious about that, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out what exactly makes Black Clover so good and whether you should invest your time on it.

The Story Takes A While To Progress But It Gradually Gets Better And Better

It makes sense for shows to take some time to establish the characters and the general feel of the story. This is exactly what happens in Black Clover. A lot of fans of the series also admit that the beginning of the series is actually the worst and it only gets better from there.

Black Clover gradually becomes more interesting with its storytelling. It challenges itself and takes the story forward from what it previously was. The series has a compellingly creative way of portraying the characters as well, both villains and heroes. If you decide to watch and the first few episodes are not so great for you, hang in there. Because Black Clover only continues to get better and better!

Asta’s Character Development Is Wonderfully Captured

Asta may be a protagonist who is a little hard to take in at the start of the series. There’s a lot of screaming on the character’s end and many fans of the series have admitted they did not like how whiny Asta acts at first.

Later on, as the series progresses though, Asta learns to be more civilized. We see that Asta deeply cares about other people and he has a big heart. Not only does his personality become more endearing, he also greatly improves in his abilities.

He was born without magical powers yet he always gives his all and believes in himself despite so many odds against him. This shows that he is a strong and determined character worthy of being a likable main protagonist.

Black Clover Does A Spectacular Job of Portraying Its Side Characters And Villains 

A lot of anime shows do a terrible job of fleshing out their supporting characters and this makes for a dull, boring watch. Black Clover, however, brilliantly succeeds in this department. The side characters are not just there to drive the plot forward, they have really emotional arcs and the audience is made to root for them.

Also, it’s interesting how no character is shown to have god-like powers. This emphasises the importance of teamwork in fighting their battles. This also increases the usefulness of all the side characters.

Mimosa is one great example of a supporting character done right, her healing abilities have incredible usefulness.

And it’s especially wonderful to see strong female characters in a shonen anime series. Black Clover truly lets its side characters shine through teamwork, with every character feeling like an important and essential piece of the story.

Black Clover is set to release its final episode 170 on the 30th of March this year. You can watch the series on sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation! Crunchyroll is currently streaming the show in Japanese with English subtitles. Funimation is streaming the series in English dub.




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