Black Lotus Anime Adaptation To Be Announced Soon?

Black Lotus Anime

Black Lotus is a bewildering manhwa that gives us a close overview of how male same-sex relationships function. It is a Boys’ Love (BL) manhwa that will capture your attention with its depiction of toxic relationships and how people manipulate each other for sex and love.

With a dedicated base of passionate female viewership, the popularity of Black Lotus is only growing bigger and bigger. With such an amazing set of handsome and beautiful male characters and its overwhelming popularity, the inevitability of a Black Lotus anime was looming over our heads.

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Let us explore the possibility of a Black Lotus anime adaptation.

About Black Lotus

Wen Niannen and Gu Yansheng are two major characters with a strange relationship. While Wen Niannen attempts to be gentle loving and kind with Gu Yansheng, Gu exhibits a great deal of contempt for him, eventually slapping him.

They are only legally married because they signed a contract. Despite being slapped and frequently abused, Wen Niannen still cared for his husband. Gu Yansheng’s boyfriend, Shen Luo’an, is genuinely concerned about Yansheng.

Black Lotus Anime

He is, nevertheless, the series’ major enemy. Wen Niannen, on the other hand, is a favourite character of Tang Shuo. He adores Niannen, and the majority of his admirers want them to be together.

Black Lotus Anime Adaptation: How Likely Is It?

There will be no anime version of Black Lotus yet. There have been no such announcements from any studio or the producers of the manhwa.

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That does not mean that there will be no anime version ever. With its fan base getting larger and louder, it is only a matter of months and years or even weeks before we get any hopeful announcements. However, if any information about the manga’s anime adaptation becomes available, we will post it on our website.

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