Johnny Depp Filed $50 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Amber Heard


From courts to media houses, Depp and Heard’s case has been in the limelight and caught the attention of the public. In a new update, it has been confirmed that permission has been given for a Johnny Depp defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard for a total of $50 million.

Even if you have not been following the whole Johnny Depp and Amber Heard lawsuit and divorce drama, you’re still aware of how messy things have gotten between the ex-couple.

On Tuesday, a Virginia judge ruled that the case between Depp and Heard will not be dismissed just yet. In the session, actor Johnny Depp also scored a major win over Heard as he was granted permission to proceed with the defamation lawsuit.

Additionally, Heard’s motion to reject the suit was dismissed instead. A Virginia judge ruled Tuesday that the case will not be dismissed, and scrapped Heard’s motion to reject the suit instead.

Johnny Depp Defamation Lawsuit Against Heard

According to USA Today, the Judge in the court session concluded that Heard’s argument for dismissal “failed”. The judge also said that the two cases (libel and defamation) were not the same citing that Heard was not a party in the London lawsuit even though she was a witness for The Sun.

In the ruling, Fairfax County Chief Judge Penney Azcarate said, “The Sun‘s interests were based on whether the statements the newspaper published were false. [Heard’s] interests relate to whether the statements she published were false.”

The judge also stated that the Court is not persuaded by the Defendant’s argument. “Defendant’s claim that refusing to recognize the U.K. Judgment, in this case, would set a dangerous precedent is unfounded. If anything, upholding English libel judgments in the United States would create a chilling effect and could create a dangerous precedent,” she stated.

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This decision then marks a victory for Depp in his ongoing years-long battle with ex-wife Heard. Their battle began in 2016 after their divorce in California. Since then, the case has already outlasted their very brief marriage.

Johnny Depp Victory

The lawsuit between Depp and Heard is a years-long battle. 58-year-old actor Depp first filed the defamation lawsuit against Heard back in 2018 after a published article in the Washington Post suggested allegations of domestic abuse between them.


Although Heard did not specifically mention Johnny Depp’s name, the article was a huge hint that made people suspect Depp’s characters. In the article, Heard wrote extensively about ‘surviving domestic abuse’.

Depp’s lawyer, Benjamin Chew said that the actor was happy with the court’s decision. “Mr. Depp is most gratified by the Court’s decision,” said Chew of Brown Rudnick in Washington D.C.

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