Blue Lock Chapter 159 Spoilers and Release Date

Kunigami Rensuke in Blue Lock Chapter 156

Blue Lock Chapter 158 was released on January 12, 2022. The training with the elite league players from Europe has begun and our beloved protagonist has faced new competition from different foes. A new battle awaits him and his future to be under the tutelage of his childhood rival, Noel Noa.

The manga summary of Blue Lock Chapter 159 was released on January 15, 2022. The spoilers of the upcoming chapter have been released and we are excited to see them released with illustrations. We simply have the summary available.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Blue lock chapter.

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Blue Lock

Blue Lock Chapter 159 Spoilers

The title of Blue Lock Chapter 159 is Ginga X Monster. Here’s what will happen in the next chapter:

  1. Isagi fails to defeat Kaiser even after 11 days of training and doesn’t get selected into the Top 11 players. Interestingly, Kunigami is the only one from Blue Lock to get selected into the team.
  2. Isagi does not want to get frustrated and lose hope. He instead tries to analyse the playing styles of all the players so that he can find out how to use their weaknesses against them when the chance arises.
  3.  The announcer announces three important rules for the game: first three goals, infinite substitution, and star change system.
  4. The first Neo-Egoist league between Germany and Spain kicks off.
  5. Kaiser passes the ball to Ness, who is blocked by two Spain defenders.
  6. Grim gets the ball successfully and manages to use his raw physical strength to bypass the opposing team
  7. While an intense tussle goes on between the opposing teams, Grim kicks the ball in the air and Gerner takes it up.
  8. Kunigami’s selfish play is revealed leaving many in utter shock, especially Isagi.
  9. Kunigami has become the perfect striker and has improved his physical abilities immensely.
  10. Ness and Kunigami have an intense exchange of words.

Blue Lock Chapter 159 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 159 will be released on the 19th of January 2022. Hopefully, there will be no delays.

Where To Read

You can read it from the Kodansha website.


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