Blue Period Episode 5 Release Date And Spoilers

Following the huge success that Blue Period manga pulled in with nominations for both the Kodansha Manga Award and the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, news of the anime counterpart has been a raging point of excitement within the community. So far, four episodes have been out with much anticipation palpable for the fifth release.

Many will find Blue Period’s story highly inspirational as it rests on the idea of finding your passion and chasing the dream you desperately want despite the risks that await you. Yataro Yaguchi’s character is also quite relatable as his is a coming of age story where he is striving to seek out his own voice and stand by his truth, no matter other people’s opinions about his ‘unrealistic’ dream.

For those curious about what would happen in the upcoming episode, dive into this article for some much-needed spoilers!

Blue Period Episode 5 Release Date


Blue Period Episode 5 is scheduled for release on 23rd October 2021.

Recap of Blue Period Episode 4

In Episode 4, we see Yataro struggling to find his own footing in this world of drawing he’s been newly introduced to, as he puts in effort to try to understand what art means to him.

When he’s making an attempt to try to replicate a painting exactly, he ponders upon the meaning of the picture and the message it tries to get across to the viewer. Some flashbacks scenes are also shown between him and Hakura where they have a conversation about gaze directions.


Hakura tells him about a certain technique that directs an audience’s gaze smoothly to specific details. This really makes us understand the importance of Hakura’s role as someone who inspired the passion and confidence for drawing that we see in Yataro.

We then see Yataro in class where Ooba asks students to draw five pieces over a span of ten days after which their work will be evaluated by all the oil painting instructors. When the results of the evaluation are out, it appears that the new girl, Kuwana he bumped into earlier before class has much skill to offer in terms of drawing. What’s in store next?

What are Some Expectations for Blue Period Episode 5? 


The events of Episode 4 are based on much of Chapter 7 of the manga. So, we may expect that Episode 5 will follow a similar pattern, and be adapted from Chapter 8 of the Blue Period manga.

In the manga version, Takahashi declares frustrated that he’s quitting cram school and points Yataro to a crucial critique about what cram school possibly teaches them about art. To Takashi, cram school only tells them how to make ‘exam art’- art that can be accepted into a desired specific school.

Following Takashi’s attack at the cram school, Yataro is left reeling with questions about his budding relationship with art itself. Exposed to feelings of disillusionment from fellow art students, he questions what belief he’s supposed to hold onto.


Where to Watch Blue Period Online? 

You can watch the upcoming episode 5 of Blue Period on sites such as Crunchyroll and Funimation. After the official release, you’ll be able to catch the same episode on Netflix as well after a few days. For now, the series is being aired only on subs, but pretty soon, the dub version will also be made available.

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