My Hero Academia Chapter 331 Release Date and Spoilers!


In My Hero Academia Chapter 330, we saw the explosive, adrenaline-ridden battle between Tomura Shigaraki and America Number One Hero Star and Stripe. The latter was able to inflict significant damage on Shigaraki and we’ve been rejoicing at such a commendable start to the New Arc.

Since the war against the Villains by the Heroes has begun, we won’t be having any lack of action and adventure. If you wish to know everything you need to know more about My Hero Academia Chapter 331, please read further.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 331 Release Date

The upcoming chapter will be getting released soon on the 31st of October 2021. It has been delayed, unfortunately.


My Hero Academia Chapter 330 Recap

In the previous chapter, all the following events happened:

When Stripe is having a chit-chat with the pilot, they happen to see a malicious figure who turns out to be Shigaraki. Every Hero is well-aware of the danger and strength of Tomura Shigaraki’s powers, due to which they’re reluctant to fight. However, Stripe makes the courageous decision to retaliate against the opponent.

My Hero Academia Chapter 331

Tomura begins his assault, which the duo avoids with ease. Stripe activates her strong quirk at the villain and hurts him as evidenced by visual images of Tomura showing signs of breathlessness and bleeding. The ability she used against him is Quirk: New Order.

As the fight progressed further, the two got the upper hand. The pilot aimed the laser at Tomura and blasted him, which seemed like a victory for the Heroes. However, as obvious, Tomura had a few tricks up his sleeve and fired back the same laser shots to the duo.


Stripe’s quick wit enabled her to save the two. Tomura’s body regenerated quickly as he planned another assault on Stripe. Stripe’s Quirk permitted her to play with the rules, so she made the decision to use two rules together at once to give the harshest punishment to Tomura.

My Hero Academia Chapter 331

Stripe’s Past and Relations With All Might

The first rule gave you superpowers. Flashbacks of Stripe’s tumultuous past to Tomura are shown too. Stripe was a young naive girl saved by a student called All Might who had been on a visit to America from Japan in those flashbacks. All Might also saves Stripe’s sister, it is revealed.

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All Might and Star and Stripe
All Might and Star and Stripe

Since that day, Stripe has never forgotten All Might, and he has become her spiritual teacher. Stripe has altered her haircut since that day to resemble All Might’s.

We saw All For One taking control of 98 percent of Tomura’s body, which adds fuel to the fire. Tomura’s resentment boils over as we see All For One and Tomura merge. However, this new appearance is not Tomura or All For One, but an entirely different entity. Tomura tries to reject it, but Star continues to move, which surprises her because she is witnessing strange things happening to Tomura.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 331 Spoilers

The raw scans of the upcoming chapter haven’t been revealed yet, which is why there are no spoilers. However, there are some possible trajectories thenext chapter might portray. The battle between Stripe and All For One/Tomura might fare worse for Stripe as the powers and threat posed by the new entity are unknown.


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