Blue Period Episode 4 Release Date and Spoilers


Blue Period has amassed such massive hype and popularity in such a short time span. The first Blue Period episode premiered on September 24, 2021 while Blue Period Episode 3 was released on the 8th of October 2021. In the previous third episode, there wasn’t anything very momentous but we saw the steady formation of Yataro’s sense of self and artistic expression. 

If you wish to know more about Blue Period Episode 4, then scroll down further to get all the details. 

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Blue Period Episode 4 Release Date

The upcoming episode of Blue Period will be getting released on the 15th of October 2021. Every new episode gets released on a weekly basis. 

Blue Period Episode 3 Recap

Blue Period Visual
Blue Period Visual

Here’s a brief description of what happened in the previous episode:

Yataro and Ayukawa get enrolled at the prestigious Art school and fill out the forms. We see them attending their first class together. Both have joint sessions and classes together. 

In their class, the teacher taught them how to draw sculptures by using charcoal or pencil. Many students became very focussed while some got confused and asked questions, which made Yataro realize that there’s a fundamental difference in the way they do things here and before in his new school. 

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Yataro has a peculiar experience with an eccentric guy who asks him if he knows him. This makes Yataro wonder why people who are into art can be so strange. Yataro notices that this guy has talent after looking at his work. 

Blue Period Visual
Blue Period Visual

He finds out that his name is Takahashi Yotsuya who holds pencils, weirdly making his technique special. Yataro decides to learn that new technique to improve his work. 

Later, many students start arriving and work on the sketches assigned to them. While he’s still a rookie, he is strangely able to do things at the same pace as others. When all students are done with their work, the teacher checks all their work and gives them constructive feedback. 

Blue Period Episode 4 Preview and Spoilers

No spoilers haven’t been released yet.

Where To Watch Blue Period

You can watch it from Netflix.

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