Boruto Episode 238: Release Date, Preview, and Other Details

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Boruto Episode 238 continues on the Funato mission storyline. In the last few episodes, Boruto, Kagura and the others had made a trip to Dotou Island to rescue Funato hostages. Sarada’s team had succeeded in finding a ship to escape with the prisoners. 

However, the Funato Prince Lord Tenma is certainly not happy with the Ninjas crossing his clan’s path. He unleashes his full naval power on the escaping Ninjas. Will Sarada’s ship escape unscathed? Will Lord Tenma and Kagura face off in a battle? Read this article to find everything about Boruto Episode 238. 

About Boruto 

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the anime sequel to Naruto and the story focuses on Naruto’s son, the eponymous character Boruto Uzumaki. The anime follows the life and adventures of Boruto as he joins a ninja team.

While Boruto emulates his father on the path to greatness in the ninja world, he wants to make his own impression. Boruto is also tremendously determined to leave his own mark in the ninja world and affirm his own greatness, outside Naruto’s shadow.


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Recap of Boruto Episode 238

Since Boruto Episode 238 hasn’t yet been released, we could go over Episode 237 to recap. Sarada contacts Kagura to tell him that her team stole a boat from the Funato and is headed to the rendezvous point. He updates her that Boruto and two others have sneaked inside the fortress to gather information. 

Boruto tells Kagura that the Funato have the Scientific Ninja Tool with which they can obliterate Sarada and the others. Kagura is discovered by a Funato ship and the fortress is headed towards the rendezvous point. 

Boruto Episode 238


Kagura asks the captain to head towards the fortress and collide with the starboard drainage outlet. This causes all the guards to run towards the source of the explosion, clearing the way for Boruto’s gang to plan to destroy the Scientific Ninja Tool. Kagura and Boruto’s teams reunite in the hull. 

However, things get tense once Lord Tenma shows up. A team member enthusiastically pounces upon the Funato prince but is bested by his superior skills like “Tide” and “Fiddler Crab”. Bloodthirsty Kyoho is a better match and manages to give an opportunity to the others to destroy the machine. 

Boruto Episode 238

It is then that Sarada’s ship comes within visible distance of the Funato fortress. Tenma orders for weapons to be lined up to fire at Sarada’s team. Kagura intervenes and starts fighting Tenma himself. It is a fierce battle but the Funato lord overpowers him.


The machine powers up and misses Sarada’s ship narrowly the first time. Tenma bellows for the machine to prepare for another shot. Kagura gathers strength and attacks Tenma again which gives Boruto the chance to knock off the operators of the machine and take control of it. 

Boruto Episode 238

He fumbles for a while but finally figures out how to use the gear. He uses the laser to slice the ship above the hull. Boruto, Kagura and their teams jump out in a lifeboat. The mission has been successful and Kagura congratulates all of them. They head towards the Land of Waters after completing this S-ranked mission. 

Preview and Spoilers 

Boruto Episode 238 is titled “A Killer on the Ship”. The Ninjas are hopeful of reaching the Village Hidden the Mist safely. However, their hopes are dampened when they discover that there is a killer on the ship.


It was only natural that there would obviously be conflicts in such a diverse group of people assembled in one ship. The real issue is if there will be infighting within the team. The killer could either be one of the teammates or the hostages. Perhaps it could even be an infiltrator. We’ll find out these answers in Episode 238. 

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Release Date of Boruto Episode 238 

Boruto Episode 238 will be released on 27 February 2022. 

Where to Watch Boruto?

You can watch Boruto Episode 237 on Crunchyroll or AnimeLab. It is also available on Funimation.



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