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Boruto Episode 254 Release Date, Preview, and Other Details

Boruto Episode 235

Read this article to find everything about Boruto Episode 254!

About Boruto

Boruto is the sequel to Naruto, the insanely popular manga. While Boruto emulates his father on the path to greatness in the ninja world, he wants to make his own impression. Boruto is also tremendously determined to leave his own mark in the ninja world and affirm his own greatness, outside Naruto’s shadow.

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Boruto Episode 253 Recap

Since Episode 254 is not out yet, we can go over Episode 253. The Episode is titled ‘Conflicting Feelings’. Boruto has come to talk to the Funatos for a truce. Ikada faces him and says that he was only pretending to act as his friend. Sarada replies that she knows that he is on the side of the Funatos only to avenge his sister.


Boruto Episode 254

But Ikadas says that he will not make any pact and will only stop after defeating them. He demands the head of Mizukage. Boruto is surprised that Ikada will destroy Boss Kajiki’s ship for his ambitions.

Boruto Episode 254

Ikada reveals that his sister was very important to him. They still try to make him understand the cost of this war. Boruto tries to talk to Kobuna, Funamushi’s son. Lord Araumi is eagerly waiting for the destroyer that is revving up for assured destruction.


Boruto Episode 254 Preview/Spoilers

The preview shows Boruto explaining to Sarada that they can not let the war continue as it has cost too many lives. The episode’s title is ‘The Spiral of Revenge’ and shows Boruto resolving that in order to save everyone of this cycle of revenge someone must take all the pain.

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Boruto Episode 254 Release Date

Boruto Episode 254 is scheduled to be released on June 19, 2022. Every new episode has been scheduled to get released on a weekly basis.

Where To Watch

You can watch Boruto Episode 254 on Crunchyroll or AnimeLab. It is also available on Funimation.


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