Bradley Cooper: Facts You Didn’t Know About The Handsome Hunk

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If you are a die-hard fan of Bradley Cooper, then you might’ve made it your life’s goal to know everything there is about the actor, so there is no surprise to you, but this article might just help you jog your memory.

From starring in Sex and the City to becoming a household name in Hollywood, Bradley Cooper has come a long way. The handsome actor turns 46 today, and as a tribute, we bring to you some unknown facts about the actor.

Family Man


He might not be the whole embodiment of a family man, but he did try his luck in marriage, but unfortunately, it lasted only four months.

But the next thing he had close to family is his long-term relationship with then-girlfriend Irina Shayk, with whom he also has a daughter. His daughter was born in 2017, and the couple split in 2019.




There is no way media and fans spared Bradley Cooper. He, like every other actor in Hollywood, was a part of the massive amount of rumors.

But what, according to some fans affected him and his relationship the most was the rumor that went around about him and Lady Gaga after ‘A Star is Born‘ movie came out and after their live performance in the award show.


Ninja Dream


According to Bradley Cooper, there was nothing more important to him while he was young than to become a soldier one day. Since his dad refused, he chose another profession that might’ve been difficult to get a job in.

Well, he wanted to become a Ninja, so he kept asking his dad to let him go to Japan and train as a Ninja.


Perfect Boyfriend  


If you look into Bradley Cooper, then you might end up hating your now-boyfriend or end up wanting no one other than Bradley Cooper!

He has a kind heart, proud of his roots, speaks fluent French, and is a fantastic cook. Well, not to mention ruggedly handsome and insanely rich.


Worldwide Acclaim


Bradley Cooper may have had a humble start, but now he is one of the most sorted out actors in the world, which he made possible with his skills and hard work.

Even though his dream about being a Ninja didn’t come true, he did become world-famous. From starring in high budget films from Marvel Studios to having hit franchises like Hangover under his belt to winning academy award nominations for movies like A Star is Born, it’s safe to say he has carved his name well.


Personal life

Unlike his character in Hangover, he doesn’t touch alcohol. He has been sober since 2004. He grew closer to his parents when his father was diagnosed with Cancer. His mom has graced several red-carpet events with him as his date.

He not only has made Cancer-related charity his primary focus after his father’s death, but he also has been vocal about equal pay for women. He made his first directorial debut with A Star is Born, which became a massive hit with excellent critical reviews.

Well, it’s safe to say he is and will be one of the actors we will never forget even after his time.


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