The Witcher: Season 1 Roach Has Been Replaced


We, the Witcher fans, have grown fond of the White-haired monster hunter and his beautiful brown pal Roach.

Not just rumors anymore

Fans might have to make a sad parting from one of their favorite character from the series. Last year we heard some news about Roach being replaced, and another Horse was already on set, but nothing was confirmed.

Now things are clear as Roach’s handler in the first season has confirmed in her Instagram that she and her Horse Zeus are leaving the UK and going back to Hungary. In what seemed to be a big farewell post, the handler had shared her experience of staying in the UK for the past year

Not an easy ride



As expected, the one-year shoot under the pandemic was not easier and was definitely not a walk in the park. As the handler and the Zeus bid goodbye to the Witcher sets, it suddenly reminded us that it means no more old Roach.

We know that this new Horse’s name will also be Roach as Geralt names all his Horses as Roach. Now why the name Roach and what is its origin story? Well, we might get an answer in the second season.

How did the old Roach die?

We still have no idea what happened to the old Roach in the series. According to some set photos we got last year, we saw the old Roach covered in fake blood. Fans speculated that this might mean that either Roach walked through a blood bath or that Geralt was severely injured.

But later, we saw Henry Cavill ridding a new horse from the set photos. Fans still weren’t ready to part with the old Roach and said it might simply mean he lost Roach in a fight or something.


Old Roach is no more.

image: Netflix

But it looks like our positive attitude didn’t work. Roach will finally bid farewell to Geralt and to us, and the new one will take its place. We know Geralt will have a hard time parting Roach as he was more than a means of transport to him. He was Geralt’s partner and sometimes his therapist.

With The Witcher bidding goodbye to Roach, we might get the chance of finding out about the meaning of its name and where Geralt first met him, and some flashbacks. It should help us get over the fact that our old Roach is no more.

How Roach meets his end and what happens to Geralt while all of that took place is still unknown.



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