Brie Larson: From Career To Controversies


Brie Larson became a household name when she brought to life one of the strongest Avenger, Captain Marvel to life.

Being in the Marvel payroll doesn’t just get you rich, it also brings on a lot of spotlights. Chris Evans and so many other actors have hesitated to sign the contracts because of this. Now being a woman with strong opinions and who won’t sly away from getting her opinion out, Brie Larson went to face a lot of controversies.


Here we bring to you some of the top controversies and the ultimate career points of Brie Larson.

Captain Marvel Controversy

Many just know that some fans hate Brie Larson and have no idea why and join in on the hate. But here’s what exactly happened. While doing promotions for Captain Marvel, some of the critic’s review was biased telling the movie was glorifying female superhero genre on screen too much and that it fails to do so in reality.


This irked Brie Larson as she believed her movie had a story to tell and she being a feminist, didn’t help her case. She then went to close down those reviews by saying that well, if the majority of the reviews we get in Hollywood are from a white male, then yeah obviously they won’t like the movie. She wanted to give a chance to diverse critics, people who the film would connect with and not some guy who never felt what it takes to be a woman. Now this made headlines for all the wrong reason.

Even though her point was valid and she just defended her film, fans just were crazy to jump at their own conclusions and started hating her. Even though the movie did well in the box office, some marvel fans were seen boycotting.

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Acting Skills

Sometimes people can just be mean and absurd when claiming some things. Since Brie made a statement for not having enough diverse people in the critic’s area of Hollywood, some just took it too personally.

Some went on to say she is just a “Man-Hating’ female. Even though the truth is far from that, what got our attention was that people are making the claim that she is a bad actor. Now I don’t know how she is a bad actor. And the highlight is all of these came out immediately after the trailer released.


Many went to defend her, saying how can someone figure out the acting is bad with just the trailer. Brie Larson has been a wonderful actor, her movies and her awards are a testament to that fact.
Brie Larson has received an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a British Academy Film Award, among other accolades, for her performance in Room.

Now I don’t know what you look for in an actor, she has bagged all these awards and has time and again proved that she is a star. Just don’t channel your hate towards her talent, for her making a statement somewhere else, people.

Avengers Controversy

Robert Downey to Chris Evans all of them may have made fun and pulled the new comer’s legs in the press con, but they all have been really inclusive.

But obviously, to those fans who already hate Brie because she asked for good change, they decided to create more troubles for Larson. Now Captain Marvel’s role in Endgame was very crucial from bringing Tony back from space to entirely destroying Sanctuary II. She was teamed up with Chris Hemsworth and Don Cheadle for some interviews.



Something in that interview which Don said or whatever, made fans speculate that Avenger’s cast couldn’t stand Larson. Many got a kick out of this by writing whatever they thought, but Don came to her defence as he was the one who was pitted against her.

Even the incident was clearly explained. Still many think that the cast hates her. We can’t change stubborn people’s mind now, can we?

YouTube Controversy

Brie Larson is a multi-millionaire and has enough dough to last her a lifetime. But she decided to do something in her free time now and started a YouTube Channel. The initial views crossed millions, but the recent ones went under 100k.


Now since the views have declined, Polygon decided to write an article, probably asked by Brie’s PR team. Now again, people started that she is so privileged that she can do anything with her money.

Agree on it or not she is Captain Marvel and is one of the strongest Avenger and has given her best to portray the role.

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